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As usual, your MODs are quality work. What would it take to add the ability to mark searched for posts/threads for bookmarking from within the Moderation Tools? What I'm thinking about, is I search for Threads started by a specific user. I select the ones I want to bookmark (check the boxes) and then execute the bookmarking as an offered option in Moderation Tools. Doable? In this free MOD or in a paid for Pro-version?

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Hmm. I'm not dissing DragonByte, but no replies to this? It's a request/suggestion. I'd at least like to be told "Go pound sand. We aren't interested in doing this." At least it would be an acknowledgement.

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Sorry, I'm not entirely sure why it wasn't responded to. It's been flagged as Under Consideration, so we will look at it when we make a feature update to this modification :)

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