1. Cosmic

    DragonByte Technologies is now developing for XenForo!

    As long-term customers will know, we have been internally debating when to enter the XenForo market for a long time now. The number of customers telling us they’re moving to XenForo and asking us to support the platform has started to grow significantly in the past few months, and we felt now...
  2. Fillip H.

    Announcement: Big changes to discount system!

    Hey all, A little while ago, we conducted a survey to gauge how our customers felt about the current "Automatic Bulk Purchase Discount" and "Loyalty Points" systems. These systems were implemented in order to ensure our existing customers received the best deal. However, the feedback we've...
  3. Fillip H.

    vBShout v6.2.7 Patch Level 1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBShout v6.2.7 Patch Level 1 in order to address a bug reported by one of our customers. Forum PM titles would in some scenarios be exposed to other users, although the contents would not be readable. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it...
  4. Nirjonadda

    Feature Request Nginx Admin Support

    Please can you add Support for Nginx Admin? Nginx Admin – cPanel Nginx automated installer Plugin. Nginx Admin v4.8 Stable Released
  5. Nirjonadda

    vBSEO Coming Back ?

    Does anyone know vBSEO is Returning ? vBSEO
  6. F

    Feature Request Profile block mentions which show usernames next to hidden mentions is a problem

    The quick version of my question is this: I had some forums enabled for this. They were forums for moderators only. My problem is that even after I disabled those forums in the settings, users still have a list of people who quoted them in those moderators' forums next to the word "Hidden", e.g...
  7. N

    Feature Request AdSense Tags and Remove White-Spaces

    Hello, vBSEO has a Feature for the Adsense Start and End Tags of the Relevant Content. <!-- google_ad_section_start --> HERE IS THE CONTENT <!-- google_ad_section_end --> And also vBSEO has a Feature to remove White-Spaces into the HTML Output. Please add these functions. Thank you!
  8. N

    Feature Request More 'Official' rewrite rules for non-Apache Web Servers (IIS, nginx etc)

    Just a quick general feature request - It would be nice if DBSEO out of the box provided 'official' and confirmed working / perfect rewrite rules for non-Apache webservers. I know a few members have done their own attempt at converting them to IIS or nginx or other web servers, but to have...
  9. K

    How Long Do I Have To Wait??

    Last night I purchased Advanced User Tagging. Paid for it through PayPal. It cleared my PayPal immediately. Is there somewhere else I have to go besides the Client Area to download it? All I see in there is: I am a bit surprised that it is still the same. What am I having to wait for? (yes...
  10. K

    Feature Request other hosting image store

    hi i give this sugestion to vbdownload too i have a subdomain and set it to another hosting service just for photos is that possible to store photos in another hosting service with subdomains?
  11. K

    Question other hosting file store

    hi i have a subdomain and set it to another hosting service just for downloading and storing larg files is that possible to store files in another hosting service with subdomains?
  12. GeekLingo

    Migrating from VBulletin 4.2.2 to 5.1

    I currently have vBActivity & Awards, vBDonate & Advanced Post Thanks / Like lifetime + branding free licenses for VB 4.2.2. I'm in the process of upgrading the site to VB 5.1 and need to look at costing around these 3 add-ins. It's difficult to navigate through your site and getting the...
  13. M

    Bug Import from vBSEO failed

    I tried importing vbSEO likes after moving over from vBSEO to dbSEO+Advanced Likes and got this error.
  14. H

    Bug Urgent - Installation Killed My Forum

    I just had the software installed and my site is seriously broken now. Here are some of the things people are complaining about. "I get a broken link icon in place of everyone's avatar" "When I try to view my profile it says "page not found"" "Clicking on some forums yields the following...
  15. F

    Pre-sales question: why change from VBSEO to this?

    I would gladly buy the pro version of this if i thought it would significantly benefit my site but I'm struggling to see why this is currently better than VBSEO. Can you sum it up for me (and all the other potential customers) please? Because most of the features seem to be present in VBSEO too...
  16. Ozzy47

    Security Exploit Patched in versions 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 4.X, 5.X of vBulletin

    A security issue has been found that affects all versions of vBulletin including 3.x, 4.x and 5.x. We have released security patches to account for this vulnerability. This includes patches for vBulletin 3.8.7, vBulletin 4.2.2 and all versions of vBulletin 5 (including Cloud accounts)...
  17. R

    Bug WOW, tons of issues with this app...

    I will start with this. URL missing blank page appears after user submits (sometimes) No matter what everyone can approve their own reviews automatically even if its set to not approve automatically url not loading is the message. custom fields do not work, if you fill them out the review...
  18. J

    Feature Request Few Issues Discovered after going live with the Classifieds

    Hi, Our site went properly live last night with the new classified system and its been great so far ! But, Few suggestions and issues we've encountered since the live button was pushed last night : Suggestions - - - When an auction or buy now ends it would be good for the discussion thread...
  19. A

    Question object is always refundable

    Hi, I'm testing in local, but I don't understand this, when a member buys an object, it has the ability to do back (discard), how to ensure that it is not possible? thank you
  20. M

    Question How Do I open up the forums ads page to unregistered - potential customers

    Hi, I wanted potential advertisers to see what we have on offer without registering for the site. I completely understand that they need to be registered to take out adverts :) (makes perfect sense). Is there an option somewhere to open the forumads page for guests to view our adverts, then...