1. D

    Bug Update, Branding Free, fatal error

    Hello, first I have upgradet to the latest version. In my Admin Menu are still a Menu from the old Version second I have bought the Branding Free Key ..... this can i not use in the V 3.3.0 .... there is nothing to show that it is only for the V1 or V2 So i want my money back third the...
  2. H

    Global Branding Free

    I tried to post a ticket but kept getting an "invalid id" error message. I have a global branding free license for vbulletin. Will it transfer to Xenforo?
  3. S

    Email Validator for Xenforo

    Hello. Xenforo's built in email validator is very basic. There is a service that offers paid API to check whether an e-mail is valid or not (bounced). One of the service that i know is Kickbox: Email Address Verification Service (free trial account is available) There is also more simple...
  4. mikez006

    Bug Branding free gone

    I downloaded the Two Factor addon from, in your store and from my client area. None have the option to enter the branding free code. Please fix. I bought the branding free code and can't use it.
  5. S

    Question Change the free version to the paid version

    Hello. I own the free version of this addon. Now I want to buy the pro version. How can I add the pro version, without losing the db with the user mentions?
  6. D

    Branding Free Key field?

    Hi, as per intructions the Branding Free Key field to input the key is at I can't see it, you sure should be there?
  7. jhj8864

    Question Several Questions

    I have several questions. First of all - does every user receive the newsletter email by default? I see numerous references to the user being able to set the frequency they receive newsletters, but nowhere do I see that option. Is this option a part of the newsletter itself? When I try to send...
  8. mikez006

    Question Brand free missing key

    I downloaded the addon, the settings say the brand free key is in the readme file, but there's no key there. How can I get a key?
  9. ClaFV

    Feature Request more visible timer

    When I run a quiz with different questions, the timer remains above the first, so it is not visible and many times I can not finish on time the quiz. it would be possible to have a free float timer at the bottom? I'd like very much this update. Thanks to evaluate my proposal Regards
  10. M

    Question Edit own threads

    how do i make sure ..when edit user's own post doesnt cost them anything i've set up "Thread" as cost $1 to post ..but when i go edit still cost $1. i would like to allow user to edit for free since they've already pay $1 to post already?
  11. C

    Bug Not All Branding Removed

    I purchased the branding free option and still see some branding in the user settings area. See screenshot. Can this be removed manually by me? In the screenshot you can see User Tagging is branding free, but Post Thanks is not branding free.
  12. J

    Trouble adding to cart

    I'd like to renew my support for DBSEO but the 'adding to cart' pop-up just sits there and never completes. I was able to complete checkout for branding free, though. I've tried different browsers, and different computers from different networks but I can't get the support product into the cart.
  13. Fillip H.

    Up to 75% off everything in our early access Cyber Monday sale!

    Our early access Cyber Monday sale is now live! Absolutely everything we sell is discounted at once, for the first time ever. You can get up to 75% off of everything for a very limited time only. This early access sale ends at Midnight British time (4 PM Pacific, 7 PM Eastern) 'Cyber Monday' -...
  14. A

    Branding free and details footer

    Hello, I'm looking into purchasing Branding Free for my 8 paid mods. I also have around 27 other free dragonbyte mods as well. How exactly does the Branding Free work? Do I purchase branding free for each of my 35 mods and let's say I purchase branding free; How would that affect the...
  15. C

    Feature Request VBSEO Importer should be a free feature

    I just feel that vBSEO importer should be a free feature. I think THOUSANDS of sites use vBSEO and would like to convert from an old software to actively maintained software. I think DBTECH can get a lot of those users to convert and I think it will be great business for DBTECH. Just a suggestion.
  16. M

    Question Branding key doesn't work

    Hi there, I have installed the pro version of Forum Ads after had test the lite version. I upload all the file by overwriting all the existing folders. Added the branding free key and is there still a DBTech brand in the footer. What to do?
  17. P

    Vbarcade free?

    what happened to the free arcade system? i cant find it
  18. F

    Question Disable PM notification, remove "Mentions:" from forum display

    1). Every time someone is quoted they receive a Private Message saying "You Have Been Quoted!" and also they receive the Notification that they have been quoted. The notification is sufficient, I want to disable users getting PM when being quoted. How can it be done? 2). I'd like to continue...
  19. D

    Question Professional install

    As I mentioned before, I need all the previous Vbseo likes to be merged with product. Also I can't see the like buttons at the threads and posts. Can you help with that?
  20. D

    Question Branding free key did not remove the link in footer

    Branding free key entered did not remove the link in footer