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I was looking to buy the pro version but wanted to test this first I have installed bit don't see it anywhere on the site......does this work with vb 4.2.0 ?
if it's active go to

The new nav system for 4.2 broke the navbar. So you need to add a button for it to show up.

Hope I'm not stepping on any ones feet.
It may be an administrator problem I see it says I have to add myself as super admin but im already the super admin on my I have to add code in the config.cfg somewhere?
no go to your usergroup setting and at the very bottom it should say can use signatures just a one liner like this:

DragonByte Tech: vBSignatures - General Permissions
Can Use vBSignatures
Yes No

sorry i didn't get your first question :) but i had the same problem then i found it in my usergroup settings and you'll have to do that for every usergroup :)
ah thanks for more question when I go to buy new parts its showing zero in my wallet......but I have tones of cash on my name on the forum.........sorry for the questions I want to make sure its what I want before i buy
i asked the same's only a pro version function to change it :( (sorry just remembered this was in light support)

so to get credits you'll have to post like you do for vbcredits!
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