1. V

    Question How to Make vBActivity and vBCredits Play Together

    Hi! I'm trying to make vBActivity and vBCredits work together. vBActivity allows for achievements and awards to be given. vBCredits allows for fine-tuning of how points are assigned - for example you can assign different points for posting threads for each subforum. This seems like a really...
  2. V

    Question How to Add "Thanks" as Criterion?

    Our forum has been using the "Post Thank You Hack", which enables users to "Thank" posts: Show Thread Enhancements - [AJAX] Post Thank You Hack - vBulletin.org Forum Is there ANY way at all to use this as a criterion in the VBCredits and VBActivity plugins? I just spent hours trying to...
  3. Mantis

    Bug Events processing twice?

    I noticed there are still problems with vBCredits, but I don't know why. The post bonus is 5 points. However, when I post I notice it has increased by 10. Having said that, the credits.php page shows the correct (5) amount. So I have no idea why it added an extra 5. I double-checked vBActivity...
  4. D

    vB Awards and Activity Questions

    Hey guys, I'm considering changing from vBExperience by Phalanx to vB Awards and Activities primarily because of your vBcredits integration (also your ongoing product support is reassuring); however, before I do I have a few questions. I've scoured the available help documentation and these...
  5. M

    Feature Request Updated soon?

    Any updated for vBcredits II?
  6. M

    Question vBcredits and DragonByte Classifieds integrated?

    i'm wondering if vBcredits and DragonByte Classifieds integrated?
  7. M

    Question vBcredits & vBforms

    can we integrate both vBcredits & vBforms?
  8. J

    Question vBCredits 1.4 updating

    Hope someone can help. I currently have vBcredits 1.4 installed and now have it disabled but it was working fine before a vb upgrade from 3.8.1 to 3.8.9, I now have php 5.6. I visited vbulletin.org and found a vBCredits I v2.0.0 Gold (vB3.8.x) update and the upgrade instructions for 2.0.0...
  9. Norman

    Question about vBCredits

    Hi there, I installed this one: vBCredits - Ultimate Points System - vBulletin.org Forum on a local board running vB 3.8.9. Everything seems to work, but I was searching for a shop system and I found in that thread that there was a mod called vBcommerce, but I can't find it anymore. So.. some...
  10. Fillip H.

    vBCredits II Deluxe v2.1.1 Patch Level 2 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBCredits II Deluxe v2.1.1 Patch Level 2 in order to resolve issues reported by the community. Complete Change Log vBCredits v2.1.1 Patch Level 2 Bug Fixes: (Lite) A database error when saving usergroups has been resolved As always, thank you for your continued...
  11. S

    Feature Request Giving vBcredits for a Review

    Would this be possible guys .. ???
  12. A

    Two questions about vbcredits and vbshop

    Hello, I am considering to purchase vBCredits and vBShop and I need it for a bidding website and possibly for a horse lottery website. First would you please tell me if these mods will fulfill my needs ? And then I really need a payment system like paypal so I can code a custom payment...
  13. A

    Question No popup but static page?

    Hi, While vbcredits installed, I see that created a link to navbar called Transactions, also a sublink to Forum called Currency that after clicks when selecting points or credits opens a popup where users can donate credits to other users. My point is can this popup be as static page below the...
  14. A

    Bug Importing Product, Please Wait...

    Hello, Im trying to install vbcredits lite 2.1.1pl1 but when I import xml it just stuck to this message: Importing Product, Please Wait... In error log I see this: [14-Jan-2015 20:47:10 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PUBLIC in...
  15. V

    Question vbcredits and vbactivity integration

    Hello. I want to integrate "vBActivity events" in vbcredits. I already have a coin vbcredits. Can I do the integration without creating a new currency? That is, how can I install vBActivity, and add events to vbcredits without losing the current appropriations? Thank you
  16. kyle

    Feature Request Multiplayer Bingo and Poker to work with vbcredits

    Just wondering if anyone has been able to get the Multipplayer Poker and Bingo on vbulletin.org Multiplayer Poker & Bingo Games (w/vbCredits) - Page 4 - vBulletin.org Forum working right with vbcredits. They say it works with vbcredits and just testing it out, it takes the money from credits...
  17. B

    Question Jacpots addon

    Asked before here - http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/f105/jackpots-prices-11516/ How integrate in VBAA and where to put "user" for points table and "dbtech_vbactivity_points" for points field? When i imstall this addon i have only one setting in vbarcade to put something Alternate Points System...
  18. V

    Question Hide tag "Charging for Content"

    Hello. I temporarily hide tag "Charging for Content" in post. How is it done? thanks
  19. V

    Question Problem with vbcredits

    Hello. I bought vbcredits that can not get vbcredits lite works well and I hope your help. The credits do not add up right. Only have events added by posts, threads ect ... But I have users post 1000 with 0 credits, or even negative. Can you help please? thanks
  20. J

    Any update on moving other mods to vb5 such as vBShop and vBCredits?

    I may have missed updates about this, but last I heard you guys were waiting for vB to add a certain feature to vB5? Any news on making these mods for vB5? I ordered vB5 when it came out, but I can't move to it without these mods because they are an important part of my forum. It hasn't...