1. U

    Bug vBulletin 3.8.x error

    I can't open any page except usercp.php after installed two-factor authentication 1.1.0. It has same problem on new forum[v3.8.9PL1] with the installation of two-factor authentication 1.1.0 Please fix this compatibility problem.
  2. A

    Question vBulletin4 upgrade, installation instructions and missing counts

    Background --- Hi, we are attempting to upgrade our existing production site (ShockerNet Wichita State Forum) from vb4 to vb5 on a brand new server. The test site is Forums - ShockerNet Wichita State Forum. It took some deep diving to get the new site up using HTTPS, but we got it working...
  3. m7shsh

    Question I install it but i did not see it !

    Hello I install the Lite version but still not see the product permissions in my admincp ! this what i mean this is my admincp how to active it for my users ?
  4. I

    Question Upgrading from vb3.8 to vb 4.2

    In the process of upgrading from vb3.8.11 to vb 4.2.3 if I export / backup the settings from the 3.8 install will I be able to restore the settings into the 4.2.3 install and keep all the urls etc that are already in google etc or do I have to rewrite them some how? TIA
  5. angeljs

    Question Can't install due to MySQL version

    I'm trying to install the latest version of this plugin but keep receiving this error: This product is not compatible with version 5.0.96-community-log of MySQL Is there any way to get around this?
  6. F

    Question Awards request

    Fresh Install and I don't have the choice to make an award requestable or nominatable. I will post a picture of what I'm seeing Thank you
  7. G


    Hi, I have few questions regarding the Vbactivity currently I'm using the lite and want to go for the pro my question if i install the Vbactivity do i have to install the other DB plugins like Confirmed friends, Tags, Thread rating, Referrals etc... or it's customized for Vbulletin default...
  8. T

    Question XML Sitemap only install?

    If I were to buy the DragonByte SEO PRO, would it possible for me to install only the DragonByte SEO - Sitemap?
  9. P

    Question Installed but no Menu on admin panel

    I've downloaded and install vBSlider but having issues. It shows in the product install, and there is one brief option screen under the admin main control panel, but no Menu dropdown on the side menu bar on the admin page. Reinstalled twice and still nothing. Did I do something wrong? How do I...
  10. charlesr

    Question Install Pro?

    Hi, sorry if I'm being daft, but I have the lite version installed. How do I install the Pro version? Is that the same thing as buying updates on this page: ?? And does the pro version have the facility to move the like...
  11. 2

    Which product fits my need?

    Hello, I am going to setup a new forum vB4.2.3 for members to sell & buy products, and also allow public fund-raising and donation activities. Should i install Classifields or vBShop? or both of them? Please advise. Thanks
  12. C

    Question Do I need to purchase DBSEO again to install it on another forum?

    I have another forum that I would like to install dbseo on. I have paid for the mod already, do I need to purchase it again for another forum?
  13. Replicators

    Question Settings up forum on local machine

    I am using a different computer using ubuntu server to build a website on and just mimicked a domain to use for it for when i do upload it to a webhost it will be ready from day one. For some reason it won't let me install the arcade, it's telling me about .htaccess that i need to enter, and...
  14. E

    Question VBSEO to DBSEO

    Just purchased a lifetime license for DBSEO. We moved our forum to a new server and it isn't compatible with the old vbseo we had installed so the only way to make it work was to remove the vbseo.php references in the htaccess file and now the urls are the stock vbulletin ones so we'll get a lot...
  15. holwebs

    DBSEO on Live & Test Site - License query

    I currently have a forum running vb3.8.8 with VBSEO for SEO URLs, Likes & Site Map submission. I also have a (password protected) test version of the site which I always change first for any upgrades etc. before amending the live site & is covered by one license with Will this be...
  16. Xar

    Bug Fatal Error when visiting the forum page

    Hello, Yesterday I tried to install the Twitch Streaming Mod on my WIP website. While I did I encountered a weird error which only occurs when going to the forum. The error is as followed: "Fatal error: Call to a member function query_first_slave() on a non-object in...
  17. Involus

    Question Theme Broken By Mod

    Followed install instructions and this was the result: How do I resolve this issue?
  18. D

    Question issue with installinf twitch

    i tryed to folow the instructions on the settings and install it for my current vbullitin v.4.2.2 but when i put the XML file in basiclly the whole files messes up the forums and all i need is twitch to install well and work with out problems but it just blanks the whole forums out so...
  19. 1quicksi

    DBSEO Install

    I am finally going to migrate from vbseo to dbseo pro (already purchased) I was wondering if I paid for the pro install, if it includes duplicating the vbseo settings so that say links in google are still applicable?
  20. B

    Bug Error when install xml

    Hello Uploadef files and should install in my admincp and get this error Fatal error: Call to undefined method INFOPANELS_CACHE::build_cache() in /home/mysite/public_html/forum/dbtech/vbnominate/install/100.php on line 87 and installation stoped ... please some help? regards bosss