Bug Content being duplicated into all tabs.

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Hi guys, I posted this on vb.org but there's been no response so thought I would post it here instead.

I have an odd problem, I have created 3 tabs and all is working 100% except this:

If I use this code in my 3rd tab:
<if condition="$post['field31']">
<a href="http://www.facebook.com/home.php/#/profile.php?id=$post[field31]&ref=profile" target="_blank">
<img src="/images/misc/facebook.png" alt="My Facebook" border="0"></a>
It places it at the bottom of ALL of the tabs, however if I put it in the first or second tabs then it displays fine and only shows up in the tab it was put in, it's only if I put it in the 3rd tab that it then displays on all 3 tabs?


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I'm unable to replicate this issue on my local test board.

Have you tried it in a default (unmodified) skin?
Yes, it is the same in the Default style, see attached pic with the facebook icon, it is set to the 3rd tab yet it shows up on all the tabs.

Ok, my stupidity, I just found an extra <div> in the html in one of the other 'views' in the 3rd tab. My apologies for messing you about. It's 100% now.
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No problem, glad you figured it out :)

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