Xenforo 1.2.1 Update 11/11/2013

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Hello Users,

Today i applied a small update to the xenforo theme, the update includes the following changes:

1) The path to all the custom images (specific to this theme and not default xenforo images) are now also handled by the Theme Settings. Allowing you to change the image folder name for your website purposes. The folder structure MUST stay the same, however you can change the name "DBT_MMO" to anything you wish.

2) Search for guests has been fixed, this is now positioned correctly. This was fixed by applying a height wrapper over the login box.

3) Search shadow has been fixed, it now shows on :hover and :focus as well.

4) Login form now has the current styling applied to theme, this fixes the issues with the input boxes being unreadable while trying to login.

5) Some CSS and HTML fixes have been applied.

Given the nature of these edits, a fresh new install of the XML and IMAGES is required.

Additionally the 1.2.2 update only changes default templates which are not edited by me, you can happily revert / merge these templates to fix any Out Of Date Template(s) errors you may be getting. If a template is marked in RED it means it has been edited, if those templates appear to be out of date please make a support ticket to have the issue resolved.

Not open for further replies.