1. A

    Question Defer the addthis buttons

    How do I defer the parsing of javascript for the addthis buttons that dbseo adds? More specifically it adds this. <script type="text/javascript" src="//s7.addthis.com/js/300/addthis_widget.js"></script> Where can I find it to edit it?
  2. D

    Question Images / Buttons as PSD

    Is it possible that I can get the images / buttons as PSD file so that I can translate them to my own language ? Thanks
  3. S

    Bug Nothing happens when i click like button

    Hello, I have a problem ive installed this mod at first it didnt work then i repaired cache then i was able to edit the buttons but my problem is the buttons are showing but when i click on it nothing happens. Ive searched this whole forum but i couldnt find a solution i also have when i...
  4. B

    Bug Thanks buttons don't show up on ajax (submitting new posts)

    any posts created between the last post and the time your post is shown via ajax (upon submission) doesn't show the thank/like buttons for example, visit an active thread .... write a comment ... submit your comment ... if any post(s) were created while you were writing your comment they would...
  5. J

    Question Custom Button Pictures

    Hi, Just upgraded the advanced post thanks / like plugin and now my custom buttons are stuck at the default size. The buttons we use a specific to the theme we have built and have the text part of the graphic. Is there a way to set a custom button size as all out buttons are now not working...
  6. M

    Question Click All three buttons and Nothing Happens ?

    Everything appears to have installed and all options have been configured properly in admincp. But as the title says, none of the buttons work when pressed.
  7. R

    Question Buttons in closed threads

    Hi. in closed threads, all buttons are disabled in thread posts for users. But admins can use them. How can I enable buttons in closed threads for all users? Thanks.
  8. Fillip H.

    Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.3.1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.3.1 in order to add features suggested by the community. There is now a link to the content in question in the button click notification email (Pro-only feature), and there is now an optional preview of the description of the content in a...
  9. E

    Question Sharing after every post - pros cons

    What are the pros / cons to having the add this social sharing buttons to every post? If after every post, does google see this as "spam" or similar? I don't mind members seeing these buttons after every post, but if there is an seo reason not to do it, then I won't do it. Thanks!
  10. Nirjonadda

    Feature Request Draft Buttons for Post New Thread

    Please can you add option Draft Buttons for Post New Thread, Not the check/uncheck option. Ex: New Thread in Help and Support | Awesome Screenshot
  11. H

    Bug Buttons seen.Click result is nothing

    I have installed the mod properly. Everythins is set as it should work but my buttons dont act as needed. I click on all 3 buttons but nothing happens.I have read all topic in this category to solve the problem but everything is in order. What do you recommend us ? Thanks.
  12. J

    Bug Some styles issues when using " Integrate Action Buttons"

    I've enabled the Pro option "Integrate Action Buttons", but there seems to be 2 issues with the styles: 1. Everything in the left side of the action buttons bar at the bottom of the post moves 3 pixels down. So it no longer lines up with the right side (Edit, Reply, etc.). 2. Even with this...
  13. S

    Question How do I remove the background from the buttons?

    Hi, How do I go about removing the background from the buttons? On my light coloured theme it doesn't look good. Thanks, D.
  14. N

    Question Header banner interferes with buttons on header

    I know I saw this here somewhere, but, forgive me, I cannot find it. The banner under the very top right of the header covers part of the buttons there, like "Welcome," "Profile" "Settings" I know someone posted some code that I can insert somewhere to fix this. Please repost or provide me the...
  15. M

    Bug Doubled buttons

    Hy there, I want report a bug. If you set the share buttons after each post you will see that after the first post of a thread are shown 2 lines of buttons and there is no way to let it work with only one, but after the first post the buttons are shown correctly on one line. See here:
  16. P

    Question buttons

    to mute the colors of the buttons
  17. G

    Question New install, button management error

    I think this was installed correctly and I can see the thanks settings menu in the AdminCP. I've followed the directions in the readme but when I click on the Manage Buttons setting I get this error. Where did I go wrong? (See attachment)
  18. T

    Feature Request option to create different tabs per button on member profile

    As the title says. I have some buttons that would ideally need to stand out on their own a bit more. An option to create a new separate tab for those buttons would be beneficial.
  19. L

    Question v

    split mail box and tags Hello, I have vBulletin 4.2.2 I installed Advanced user Tagging and I want to change something And I want to split my inbox, mail box and tags to have different buttons for them. I already made the buttons: Screenshot by Lightshot another thing: when someone replay in...
  20. K

    Bug Double 'Blog this post' buttons?

    Hello, Happens in both default and aftermarket theme. Have two 'blog this post' buttons. using the newest version of both software I thought I had seen something about this issue before but couldn't find it now. Thanks!