Xenforo and Dragonbyt

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My last post describes all my issues and formatiing problems with the skin. There are many mistakes, is it possible to just get a refund, and not get the new update of dragonbyte. yes i know i already download a dragonbyte copy, but from what i can tell there are many issues with the skin/theme and deleted it because i will not be using it due to all the erroes.
Hello apantich,

The issues you are having is because the theme was designed for Xenforo 1.1.# on first release and hasn't been updated to support the latest Xenforo updates (1.2.#). Because of the extent of the updates it will take time to provide a new version of the Xenforo Theme.

I am hoping to get the update uploaded shortly (by tomorrow or next friday), however a new version of the theme is also coming soon to Xenforo and vBulletin before December.

Please review your current version before buying a product, we state as clearly as possible which versions are supported.

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