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I've tried your theme with Xenforo 1.1.5 version & 1.2.5 and the results are the same. Here a few screenshots to show you what I'm talking about.

The pain page:

(I know how to fix the logo issue, btw). The left corner of the nodes group, the menu, the header message... Just a few hits. But the worst is coming:

This is the new post view. Just unusable.

And this is a clean installation, without mods, just Xenforo + DragonByte MMO theme.

Please, I'll need some assistance, this is disappointing.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Eddie,

Sorry to see you're having issues with the theme. Can you send me a PM with your Website Address and AdminCP Access? So i can look into this.

These are odd issues.

The logo is simply a path issue which is easy enough to fix, some of the other ones shouldn't be happening.

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