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I initially had the pro version of Live feed installed before the upgrade of 4.2.2 today.

Since I did not get an extended license, I could not go with the most recent version available to me, so I had to replace with the lite version 1.2.7

(I had to uninstall so that I could install vb4.2.2 without getting all the warning errors).

I deleted the PRO files from my server after uninstalling.

I uploaded all the new files and installed the XML

Upgraded to vb 4.2.2

Now when I try to create a forum block, click on live wall, ect. there is nothing there. It's empty. Same with the block.

I went to define content for the blocks (I forget to set that up). But no can do! It says: There are no defined Content Types.

There is NOTHING there. Not a thing.


Thanks :)
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