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I have a problem with layout of the question form on a displayforum page. As it is now it's floated to the right column, making the threads list narrower. This makes a lot of sense but not on my forum. I have a sidebar visible on every page and your way of displaying the form make the main content of the displayforum page too narrow. I tried to remove the float but the form is below thread list in html and lands on the bottom of the page when "unfloated". Would it be possible to insert the form above the threadlist, so that it would be displayed above when not floated?


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You can edit the dbtech_vbanswers_forumdisplay_form template and the dbtech_vbanswers_forumdisplay.css CSS template to customise the forumdisplay block :)
Yes, I know :) I'm not asking about customising the form itself - that part is fairly easy. I'm asking about a way to change where the dbtech_vbanswers_forumdisplay_form is inserted inside the FORUMDISPLAY. If I unfloat the form it lands below the threadbits because that's where it is included. I need to have the form above the list of threads/questions and I'd need to use strange techniques like relative positioning, high top margins etc. I would prefer to have the form inserted above the threadbits by the plugin. And I don't know if it is possible - I haven't fully grasped the concept of plugins and hooks in vbulletin :-(


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Aha, I see what you mean now. I've applied the change to the file, you can re-download and re-upload /dbtech/vbanswers/hooks/forumdisplay_complete.php and it should work for you now :)


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