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Great mod! I have been waiting for something like this for a while and could never find anything. So I ended up coding my own little twitch integration mod that worked well enough, but the intention was always to find a better solution. Thank you for this.

I do have a couple of suggestions, things that I had in my own mod that I miss and feel would be great additions to your own mod. I made a post over at but saw that you check here much more often.

The first one is a sidebar block. Not everyone who uses our forums goes through the menus to find the different services we offer. If they were displayed on the front page it would greatly increase the visibility of our streamers as well as the twitch integration itself, getting more people to input their twitch username. My own mod had a very simple sidebar block that would display the stream title and forum username(with appropriate links) for currently online streams but I imagine you could improve on that quite a bit(small avatars like on the list page for example).

My second suggestion is to organize the streams listing page by online status. It is difficult to find online streams when you have to scroll through dozens on offline streams. Also the little online/offline dot is very small and hard to see. This makes it difficult to distinguish between online and offline streams.

If you could add those two suggestions to a future version myself and everyone on my forum would be very happy!

Thank you.
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