Feature Request Wishlist

I understand that this is a free product and as such low on priority however, you are onto a winner with this i believe - its such a useful tool and with a few additions i think would be really useful.

  1. Cleaner formatting, align the mark thread button with reply button (or place in thread tools), align mark thread button with rest of post buttons - rather than an icon which doesn't fit in.
  2. Put both Post and thread Bookmarks into same page in usercp, maybe tab them.
  3. Allow ordering of bookmarks within usercp.
  4. Allow custom comments in usercp, sometimes the thread title isn't inline with its content - this would allow users to make a note why they boomkarked the thread.
  5. Display additional info in usercp, forum, date added (aswell as custom comment)
  6. Remove bookmark post from first thread, seems pointless as bookmark thread covers this.

Few examples of some code rework i done to align formatting.

Moved bookmark button to beside reply.


I moved the bookmark post button to within the post, you can see a little white icon top right on #2.

Added feature to prevent bookmark thread in first post.


And remove bookmark.


Again, good work on this product - I hope you give it the attention it deserves in the coming months.


Thread / Post Bookmarking

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