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explanation: you want your avatar to wear a cape. However, you want the tie to show in front of his neck and then the cape behind him.

I think this would be a really good feature. It can expand to many designs.
I'm not sure if that is entirely possible as i don't think you can overlap one layer to another? but anyway you can always tackle this by having a cape layer and another layer that goes ontop of your top layer for cape accessories but the only problem then is there will be loads of extra layers in your tabs that will be only holding a couple of things, i tend to not bother adding the front bit to capes for that reason alone, but if it is possible to do then i'm all for it :)


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Update: To implement this would require a significant rewrite of the mod, adding a lot of complexity and confusion for admins for something that is essentially a minor cosmetic feature. The latest version allows multiple items per layer, so it's entirely possible to create 2 parts from a cape and have them go on the same layer, halving the price and letting users shift the position of the cape tie so that it comes in front of all other layers :)


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