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Hey there,

I started to translate this mod and I'm already done and ready to provide it.
But there is a little issue as some coders (and you as well :() like to use General vBulletin phrases instead of own phrases for their hacks.

This leads to the following problem:

You are using two phrases from vBulletin, one says "From" in English, the other one says "To". Usually the German translation is "Von" and "Bis". But in this special case, this translation doesn't fit the context, it has to be "Nach" instead of "Bis". I can't change this, as it woul change it global, because you've used a default phrase.

Please don't use default vBulletin phrases any longer and try to fix the issue. :)

I will provide my translation right now.


Fillip H.

Staff member
Can you please provide more details as to why the phrase was translated that way in the first place and provide more information regarding the contexts that cause the translations to differ?



Sure. I try to explain this again:

You are using:

<strong>{vb:phrase from}:</strong> {vb:raw log.date_from}<vb:if condition="!$show['detailedtime']">, <span class="time">{vb:raw log.time_from}</span></vb:if><br />
<strong>{vb:phrase to}:</strong> {vb:raw log.date_to}<vb:if condition="!$show['detailedtime']">, <span class="time">{vb:raw log.time_to}</span></vb:if>
The problem is: you took vb:phrase from (usual translation used in German vBulletin: Von) and vb:phrase to (usually translated with: Bis).
I always tell coders not to use default vbulletin phrases in their hacks because of these issues.

But "Bis" doesn't fit the context here as those two phrases are usually used to describe time spans. But in this case you describe a change from status A to status B. In English there you can even use "From/To", but I'm sorry it's not that situation in any language :p. The translation "Bis" doesn't fit at all. It must be "Zu" or "Nach" in German in that case.
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