1. Stegrie

    German DragonByte Classifieds

    Here added the Translation into German 98% compleded
  2. J

    Bug preg_match(): Compilation failed: missing terminating ] class_core.php on line 2417

    Hi, I have been investigating lack of notifications for tapatalk users after turning on vbanswer lite 2.0.0 (hotfixed yesterday) and current vbactivity pro. But the only error I get (a lot!) in the log is a dbseo error: [22-May-2014 20:49:14 UTC] PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation...
  3. V

    Question translations to Spanish

    Hi, I am working on the translation of the vBActivity but not how to translate "parent" because I do not understand that it serves the variable, can explain me? thanks
  4. V

    Spanish vBDonate

    hello. VBDonate share my translation into Spanish. Not all, but most of the options in the admin panel and visible by the user. Translated without translators. I'm working on and vBCredits vBActivity. Please, I have exported the attached language well? But tell me as. thanks
  5. R

    Bug Images in group´s album

    A typical link for an image looks like /forum/picture.php?pictureid=70&groupid=2&dl=1303921935&thumb=1 DSEO translates it to /forum/groups/groupname/pictures/698t-titel07-05-2008-a.png/ Without watching the source-code i see that .png is wrong, because we have only jpgs in our albums (i have...
  6. V

    Question translations to Spanish

    Hello. I am creating a translation into Spanish, which I will share when done. But I can only translate the admincp. I can not find the variables for sentences of public pages, where is it? thanks
  7. D

    Question vbshop translation?

    Hi How do I translate some of the phrase or name of the "vbshop" to other language for example chinese? Is there any language file that I can edit? Because some users in my forum can't read english at all. THanks
  8. P

    Bug ACP help text not showing correctly at UTF8 forum

    I have seen the correct description elsewhere, but in my UTF8 configured DB forum I see only the text in capture. I spent some time to achieve the proper character translation rules due to this litle handycap.
  9. C

    Feature Request Achievements translation

    Is there any way to translate achievements title and description? I'd like to show them in all forum languages.
  10. T

    Feature Request Question about vbclassified

    I am looking at Classified and wonder why no images show on your screenshot: Is it not possible to show images of the various products being sold? Also, what currencies can be used? How about shipping or picking up? I have installed panjo through vbulletin but am not happy about it as it...
  11. J

    Bug My observations

    I have installed dbseo on my test forum @ 401 Authorization Required 1. Installation was smooth but I think the documentation should have a step by step upgrade from vbseo walkthrough (I didn't know when to turn off vbseo for example). 2. Rules - my custom rules were not transferred to dbseo...
  12. puthzel

    Bug Bugs??

    Hello, I am using DragonByte Tech: Advanced Post Thanks / Like (Pro), there is several bugs? 1. Entries > like written dislike. 2. There is empty box in below post, in other mods (free mods cant from dbtech) its forbidden because make template unprofesional. 3. Statistic always hidden...
  13. E

    Feature Request Translation to Spanish

    hello, I want to install this mod on my forum but can not find a translation into Spanish, where I can find?
  14. mdelisle

    Feature Request Automatically make OP threadmin

    Might be a bad translation on my part, but I thought there would be a setting to automatically assign threadmin permissions to the OP. The reason I thought this was because the marketing image of the product had the bullet point "Let Thread starter mod posts". Is there a setting I am missing...
  15. Teascu Dorin

    Romanian Dragonbyte Gallery

    Romanian translation for Dragonbyte Gallery v1 (vB4)
  16. OlijO

    French vBSearch Log

    Here is the french translation for this useful mod. It's ONLY the language xml file, you need to import it via language manager and overwrite the french language. Tested on vB 4.2.1 Regards, Olivier
  17. C

    Questions for product selection

    Hi, I am currently using vB experience and I am running into some serious problems with it. I would like to find a system that: 1. Rewards users based on their activity. 2. Has a shop where users can exchange their points for prizes (like gift certificates that I would purchase and give them)...
  18. DoumDoum5058

    Bug No Thumb since upgrade

    Hi, i just upgrade from 1.4 to 2.0.2. Since that : - i've lost all my usergroup configuration (i do them again) - i've lost all my thumb for all my file. Example : Gaz industriels de soudage What ca i do to get back ? (except éditinf one to one...) Regards, Olivier
  19. G

    Question Translation of phrase in navbithome

    What phrase in templates is vBdownloads in navbit? I want to change translation of this phrase but I didn't find russian Скачан in product phrases...
  20. Viceroy

    Question How do I translate the tabs?

    How do I translate the tabs from English into Swedish? Screenshot: