1. A

    Feature Request Singular and Plural credit name.

    Hi, for case when it needs to have a singular and plural word for credits name I would like to suggest: Singular and plural word option for the credit name. Regards,
  2. D

    Question Images / Buttons as PSD

    Is it possible that I can get the images / buttons as PSD file so that I can translate them to my own language ? Thanks
  3. A

    Question Translation

    I was wondering how can I translate ONLY the whole frontend gallery (I mean how can I see all the phrases that are being used in front-end where users can see?)
  4. B

    Question How translate phrase - part 3

    Hello Fillip H. please need help to translate those phrases: dbtech_vbactivity_trophycount dbtech_vbactivity_medalmoderatecount dbtech_vbactivity_achievementcount dbtech_vbactivity_medalcount regards bosss
  5. B

    Question How translate phrase - part 2

    Hello Please some help how translate those phrases for notifications " dbtech_usertag_mentioncount" "dbtech_usertag_tagcount " "dbtech_usertag_quotecount " and "dbtech_usertag_hashcount" similar question had here - regards...
  6. B

    Question How translate phrase

    Haw translate this phrase or notification id - " dbtech_vbarcade_matchcount " ? Some help please - and i have dbtech arcade pro - what this notice should say to user - arcade player? regards bosss
  7. R

    Question Stop translating URLs in Post

    Please tell me where i can stop the function to translate URLs in user´s posts. If i want to link to Google than i want to read and not any SEO-stuff sentences that are used by this page as a title.
  8. V

    Question translations to Spanish

    Hi, I am working on the translation of the vBActivity but not how to translate "parent" because I do not understand that it serves the variable, can explain me? thanks
  9. V

    Question translations to Spanish

    Hello. I am creating a translation into Spanish, which I will share when done. But I can only translate the admincp. I can not find the variables for sentences of public pages, where is it? thanks
  10. Eden

    Question How can I translate Info Panel in French language ?

    Hello, I'd like to translate info Panel In French language. For instance : Welcome Back, and the stats such as "average registration" etc. so that some of my users who don't understand English can understand every indicators. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. Eden

    Question How to replace English text in French ?

    Hello, As I'm running a French language Forum, several users are complaining because they want everything to be translated in French language. The problem is that I can't find out how I can modify some text. It's the same thing with every DBtech products I've bought. For instance, I'd like to...
  12. O

    Feature Request Advanced Post Thanks / Like 3.2.5 Lite + HDE BBcode?

    Hi mate, I am testing for my forum in my PC new system vBulletin 4.2.2. I have installed MOD "Advanced Post Thanks / Like 3.2.5 Lite" It is great free MOD, no doubt about it. In the topic in the section "Feature List" you...
  13. D

    Question vbshop translation?

    Hi How do I translate some of the phrase or name of the "vbshop" to other language for example chinese? Is there any language file that I can edit? Because some users in my forum can't read english at all. THanks
  14. O

    Bug Post Templates v1.6.1 PL1 - not work in vb 4.2.2

    Hi, I am testing for my forum in my PC new system vBulletin 4.2.2. I have installed yours MOD Post Templates v1.6.1 PL1. In the file "README - Installation or Upgrade.txt" is written, that it is necessary to alternate following templates: - editor_toolbar_on - showthread_quickreply -...
  15. C

    Question Testgallery keeps on pointing to the main gallery

    Hiya, The Pro install works nicely, thank you. We're experincing one hitch, though: We created a test instance in order to test existing album import. And no matter what we do, it keeps pointing to the default gallery. Expected Result: Defined Testgallery resolves to Testgallery, not DBTEch...
  16. C

    Feature Request Achievements translation

    Is there any way to translate achievements title and description? I'd like to show them in all forum languages.
  17. H

    Question Translate

    How do I translate the thanks/like words? For example; I want Likes (given) translate to - Likes (ontvangen) I've been looking for it in many files in the dbtechtanks folder but really can't find it.
  18. I

    Question translate vbsuper

    How can I translate vbsuper pm?
  19. limits

    Bug problems whit dezimal 0,5 go to 5 after saving

    after you explain mee vbshop cant handle dezimals, i get this problem now. (i use dezimals because you write in the configuration: Random Addition A random amount between 0 and this number can be added to the action amount. Decimal and negative numbers are okay. Use 0 to disable.) so beter...
  20. J

    Bug My observations

    I have installed dbseo on my test forum @ 401 Authorization Required 1. Installation was smooth but I think the documentation should have a step by step upgrade from vbseo walkthrough (I didn't know when to turn off vbseo for example). 2. Rules - my custom rules were not transferred to dbseo...