1. Z

    Feature Request two ideas important improvement

    Hello Team I'd like to introduce two ideas * The first comes from vBDownloads It just add the same progress bar because the images are becoming heavier. and wait without information is not pleasant. * The second improvement is to move the categories in the selection system with a...
  2. CharlieDelta

    Can Only Use Basic Uploader

    Recently I have not been able to use the advanced image uploader. I am only able to use the Basic Uploader.
  3. A

    Question Centering buttons?

    Site is not up and running yet but we were wondering where/how we could center the (thanks, likes. dislikes) buttons at?
  4. GgAcE

    Xenforo shoutbox?

    Hey DragonByte team, I am LOVING my new xenforo license but.... I miss the dragonbyte products big time. The only shoutbox currently on xenforo is no where NEAR thedragonbyte shoutbox. They offer no channels, limited options, no shoutbox PMs, & so much less for the SAME PRICE as the vbulletin...
  5. INPowerZ

    Ahoy, DragonByte!

    Hello, everyone. I'm new to vBulletin. I started my forums at June 3rd, 2013. My name is Hasan. I'm from Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. I work as a teacher, and I'm 31 years old. My interests and hobbies are: - Manga and Anime - Videogames - Photoshop - and lately vBulletin... I like forums I don't...
  6. CharlieDelta

    Bug Conflict With Other Mod Causing RTL On Redirects & Error Pages

    Hi Ozzy, There seems to be a conflict with your superpm mod and this mod, [Chris] Classifieds - Forum, that causes all redirect & error pages to display RTL. With superpm disabled and the other mod enabled everything is fine and visa versa. There may be a conflict with this mod as...
  7. M

    Continue Developing for XenForo

    You should continue developing for XenForo. Forget vBulletin, its going down the hill, It's complete crap now. If you still want to develop for vb4 i understand that, but dont even bother developing for vb5. Please continue developing for xenforo!!!!
  8. D

    What Mods using DB-Tech from other coders?

    Hi Team! Can i ask, what Mods the Team/This site is using from other coders (e.g. from, or other) And if yes, did you change the code a little (You can be sure, i never tell someone a word....;) ) Hopefully, i get a true answer...
  9. Neo_Angelo

    when are the old mods getting some love?

    VBAvatars hasn't had an update in forever, its such a good mod and could be made so much better but its been neglected for other mods that are frankly pointless in my opinion (Re-direct banned users for example). I'm just wondering if you guys have any plans on updating/upgrading any of the old...
  10. Nirjonadda

    Collection All DBTech Modification

    Hello I am fan of DBTech Modification,I want Collection all DBTech Modification step by step,If DBTech Help me for Continue purchasing their new and old Modification,Currently I have their 17 Lifetime Licenses Modification With 18 Add on Branding Free.Currently Some (8) Modification we using and...
  11. blinkster

    Need alittle bit more help.

    Ok i use this Chiplove.9xpro - Thread Thumbnails 2.2.13 - Forum and to a point it works well but i feel it is limited as i would like to able to assign an icon (thread thumbnail) as thread status per forum basis based on forum ID's. At the moment it only allows a default image...
  12. S

    Questionable jscript file

    Hello! I thought it might be a good place to ask this question since there seems to be a bunch of coders around here. I installed a simple mod I found on that adds a rocket ship boost as a back to top button. This thing is cool and all, but ever since I put it in, I keep seeing this...
  13. S

    New Webmaster Looking For Mod Source

    Hello! I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this post. Please move it if this is the case. I am currently setting up my own new website and have spent the last few days looking around and installing mods. And then I come here and find everything I have been installing, except as fully...
  14. A

    Bug Translation => Issue

    Hey there, I started to translate this mod and I'm already done and ready to provide it. But there is a little issue as some coders (and you as well :() like to use General vBulletin phrases instead of own phrases for their hacks. This leads to the following problem: You are using two...
  15. J

    So what do you guys think about vB5?

    I've heard some people say it's not worth the upgrade, but what do you guys think? Forums - vBulletin 5 Demo
  16. CoZmicShReddeR

    Steam & Teamspeak3

    I know this really isn't something Dragonbyte would sell but am thinking there are a few groups out there that would love to see Dragonbyte take interest in... Maybe this could just be a coders side project... Both Steam and TeamSpeak3 offer tools that can be used for communities I know...
  17. I

    Bug Error when adding an image to a new thread

    Hi, when I add an image to a new thread and tick 'Retrieve remote file and reference locally' I get the following error... <br /><strong>Warning</strong>: curl_setopt() [<a href='function.curl-setopt'>function.curl-setopt</a>]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is...
  18. K

    Feature Request Mirroring a listserv

    I would like to see a forum being able to mirror a listserv, so forum members can see what is going on in the listserv if they choose to access it from the forum. Ideally it would also enable forum members to participate in the listserv from the forum if they choose to. I'm thinking of...
  19. Robert Morrison

    Question Switch Lifetime Licence

    I don't know where else to put this. As you can see from my site. I have yet to use it publicly, it's not even active. I would like to switch this one to the Like/Thanks mod. Again, the site isn't even live, so I haven't even had the chance to use the product so I don't think it should be a...
  20. W

    NavTabs 4.2 no longer show up properly

    vbNavTabs 4.2 no longer show up properly Hello! Asking for a quick fix for the style, now that the new vbNavTabs has been released for vBulletin 4.2. The NavBar basically... exploded in brown. I'm sure you're probably aware of that though ;)