This is a free pack of icon's courtesy of Neo Angelo for all VBA Pro customers.

There is also a premium pack which is available for purchase through our subscriptions system.

Thanks again to all of our customers for purchasing. If you have suggestions/requests for icons, please feel free to make a thread posting them =)


The Free Gift pack contains a selection of white default images and 1 trophy, 1 ribbon, 1 certificate and one medal. Hope you enjoy it!
Can we get a blank icon for each color? Just the framework so we can add our own images into the middle?

For instance, here you guys have icons for 10 posts, 50 posts, etc. We don't get the same icons you guys use here, do I'd need to make my own. Having the blank would be good. =)
Unfortunatly we do not provide blanks/PSDs as all our images are copyright to DBtech, however if you'd like some doing for specific ones we're in negotiation on custom bespoke packs we will do on a per job basis. if you'd like such a thing, please feel free to PM me and maybe we can arrange something.

EDIT: all bespoke products will come with a PSD for you to edit yourself.
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