1. Bassinurface

    Question Change the color of links to blogs

    I just need to change the font color. Thanks!
  2. doctorsexy

    Question Arcade category tabs color do i change the game category tabs color, without changing the same tabs in the my profile page...thanks
  3. Enju

    Feature Request Restrict Colors unless manually added? (or something of the sort)

    Hey there! Recently I've added the Username Color feature and I was wondering if there was a way that I could restrict some colors being used in the Username Color Item. For example, When a User goes to configure their Username Color Item, it allows them to choose any color hex code and any...
  4. T

    Question How can I change the colors?

    What style var I change the color? Thanks
  5. O

    Question Regaining Default Font Color

    Hi. Here's my problem. A user has asked me how can they return their font color back to the default color of the style, and I can't find how to do so without turning off font colors for all users. In vbulletin's default color editor there is an "automatic" button above all the other font colors...
  6. T

    Question Sidebar and Color

    I have installed the product without problems. Unfortunately, the colors of my website have not been used in the sidebar. Can someone help me?
  7. K

    Question Thanks Bar style

    How to setting Thanks Bar style different from posthead? For example, color.
  8. Drahnier

    Feature Request Increased Color Settings

    Certainly nothing critical, but I've had a few members on our forum ask me if there is a way to do this, so I figured I'd pass it on. Currently, the vBshout editor allows a choice from 20 or so colors for a user's text in the shoutbox. Would it be possible to increase this, either by (a) using...
  9. Eden

    Question How to add links and color in the latest news Area?

    How can I add colors and links in the Latest News Area, like you do on your forum? When I try to do it by adding html code, it doesn't works. It appears as a simple text with the html code.
  10. M

    Question Customize colors

    I was able to change the color of the left chatbox to transparent by adding background-color to dbtech_vbshout_shoutarea_vertical. However, the chatbox with the tabs is still white. How can I change that background color? And how do I change the color of the buttons? Thanks!
  11. P

    Question erro shoutbox help ?

    how can I leave it like that You can help me shoutbox does not appear in the color buttons and also the edge and bar menu
  12. T

    Bug Time & post# color not visible when post header changes to light color

    Here's an example: Post your macro photos here I noticed that the date color changes, but not the time & post#
  13. Nirjonadda

    Feature Request Staff Legend Color Styles

    Please can you add option for Staff Legend Color Styles ? ex:
  14. 1quicksi

    Bug color

    Ever since I install this I get this weird cream color fill around the perimeter of the site. Always thought it was a bug and my support lapsed. Today I bought life time (like I do with all your stuff I run) and finally upgraded to the latest only to see the same weird fill. I have attached a...
  15. S

    Question Changing the donation bar color

    I am trying to change the color of the donation bar. I know it is an option in stylevars but I cannot seem to find it.
  16. GoodApples

    Bug 404 Middle Col - Filename

    404 links on Filename It appears the Item Basic Details Categories in the middle column file name did not change and throws up a 404 error when the file name has been changed as it still has the default file name. Item Basic Details Categories 404 Here > and 404 here <div class="middlecol">...
  17. Nirjonadda

    Bug White Colors

    White Colors on member Profile Tab. Please can i get any fix update about on this issue?
  18. I

    Bug vbactivity 3.1.4

    Database Error vbactivity 3.1.4 We are running into an issues with the activity feed part of vbactivity, When a user clicks the activity feed we end up getting a database error so we recently disabled the activity feed and haven't gotten a database error since then. Any Idea's on what the issue...
  19. T

    Question Removing "and" from the SEOed URL

    I have bought dbseo in order to replace vbseo, and dbseo is not active on my live server yet. If I have a forum called Mobiles and Tablets, VBSEO would make the link: domain/forum/mobiles-tablets/ However, dbseo makes it: domain/forum/mobiles-and-tablets/ Can I get dbseo to ignore "and" in...
  20. GoodApples

    Feature Request Time Left - UserGroup Permissions

    I asked in the discussion here How to turn off Time Left... To Quote myself... Request for usergroup permissions and user permissions so that Admin and Listing User would be the only ones who can see it... In the mean time I could use a little help with editing to hide it :)