Bug Bounce Email Notification PM Not Being Deployed

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When reviewing my bounced email log I noticed I had some that reached my threshold of 3. I checked their profile and they have email notifications disabled but they have not received a PM notification.
I manually tested with a dummy account by sending the dummy account multiple pm's. I then ran the scheduled task and had three emails collected but no PM was sent to the dummy account. The account had all email settings disabled however which is good.


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I've applied a potential hotfix for this issue, can you please try re-downloading the latest version and re-upload all files, then conduct your test again?
Runnin 2.1.0 lite. I am considering deploying PRO on several sites after testing. I"m having the same/similar problem as above. However I'm not sure the users are even being marked as unsubscribed. I have valid email showing up in the bounced email list that meets the criteria and is marked correctly automatically. I even set it to 1 bounced message. Yet no users have received the PM. Everything is set correctly. I tried both automatic and manual mode. I tried small and large numbers of messages at once.

I'm running vs 4.2.3 beta 3, but i don't see why that would matter because it's mostly bug fixes and correcting php error notifications. Also, I am not using the mailing list features, I'm just using this for bounced management.
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additional note: I have had the bounced email setup for a year with 30,000 bounced emails. Am I correct that this will work on those bounced emails or will it only work on bounced emails that were sent after installation?
Please help. It appears that vBMail - Bounced Mail Threshold cron job is always returning with no users changed, even though I can see many thousand users that have reached the threshold. Something isn't working properly and I'm worried it's deleting the emails I've been logging for just this purpose without changing the user's accounts or sending the PMs. Thank you.
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