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It would be nice to be able to integrate custom locations into this mod.

I see these settings be required:
1) Set location name / description
2) Upload location screenshot
3) Get code into custom location.

All but 3 is pretty easy :)

I personally use the Rotating Banner System mod without issue, it does not have the front-end marketing and sales or the refinement like DBTech Forum Ads does. I think if you were to just tap into this mod for additional locations there would be no limits on where you could put an ad location and make some revenue.


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Currently, Forum Ads is very heavily integrated into the vBulletin 4 Advertising system. We did this because it allows for even better control over how each ad location displays its content. You may have checked out the advanced display options on that page already.

What this means is that adding custom locations can be done by adding new ad_locations_XXX.xml files to /includes/xml then rebuild the integration using Forum Ads' maintenance option.

You'll then be able to drop the new {vb:raw ad_location.XXX} variables in your templates.
Thanks for that info. I did not know that function existed actually.

I've been working on this for awhile today and have most everything figured out.

1) Created new .xml with locationgroups and locations
2) Created phrases
3) Created location images

It all appears in the admincp just fine.

Then I went to test the new ad locations by creating a new ad directly in the vb advertising section. The issue/question I have is the only way I could get the new ads to show is to reference the ad directly "{vb raw ad.name.here}" not the location reference "{vb raw location.ad_name_here}" I see used elsewhere. Then I also had to register the new ad template. This isn't a problem, but I'm just pretty sure something isn't quite right with my setup.

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