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I'm very perplexed by this issue and would really appreciate any light anyone could shed on this!

In "Activity Amounts Configuration" I created the following 2 "Post" events:

1)With "Post Amount" = 10 and "Maximum Times" = 20.

2)With "Post Amount" = 2 and "Maximum Times" = [blank].

The idea is for people to get 10 points for each of the first 20 posts, and then 2 points per post for all further posts.

I went to "Recalculate User Accounts", did a search for my username, changed "Calculate Events" to "yes" and then clicked "Update Users".

Result? All posts I've ever made, were assigned 10 points each - not just the first 20 posts.

I know this is not how the plugin is supposed to work! Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. Lots of thanks in advance!


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Unfortunately as I am not the developer of the vBulletin version of this product, this is an issue I will have to flag as Won't Fix. I've tried to find a solution to this problem but I've been unable to.

Behind the scenes I am working on a complete re-write of the modification to fix problems like this and ensure they don't happen in the future, but it's not yet ready for release on vBulletin unfortunately.

Sorry I couldn't bring better news :(

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