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This post is intended to give a brief overview of our custom coding service and the prices and benefits involved.

Please note that any custom work has to make financial sense for both the coder and the company, and as such it has to compete with, or exceed, the estimations for what a mass-market mod would make. For instance if a piece of custom work will take 8 weeks, it has to earn the coder more than a normal mod which would take 8 weeks to code would make over the course of (for instance) a year.

Our coders are all professionals with several years experience, and all work is overseen by project leads with 8+ years experience -our custom jobs are not something aimed at the hobbyist sector of the market.

Here is a brief selection of the benefits to our work:

1)A full copy of the code as per your specifications and full access to any and all updates.
2)The right to run the code on any & all sites owned by yourself (and related sites - partners, friends etc).
3)The right to run the code without any sort of branding or copyright notice for DragonByte Technologies
4)Preferential treatment when it comes to updates for the software i.e your requests being given higher value/priority than those from retail customers etc. (This is assuming DragonByte Technologies retains resale rights.)
5)A guarantee of the project being finished within a set time period (This would roughly be the estimate + 50% to allow us time to have other team members step up in the case of something happening to the lead coder).
6)One to One support for the product via instant messenger communication from the lead coder.

Depending on the size of the job we are often able to give additional benefits, such as licenses for other DragonByte Tech software you would be able to make use of, or additional benefits like the right to have your logo & link on our "DragonByte Tech Software Also Runs On" Banner on our mainpage alongside companies such as the Curse Network and Borderlands developer Gearbox Software.

The distribution rights are negotiable, and it would be decided before the project was undertaken who would retain them. Generally if you wish to retain the distribution and resale rights to the work it would be much more expensive.

The cost tends to be $600+ per week based on an hourly rate of $30 per hour. The final total depends on the length of the job (coder hours), the resale rights, the current schedule in place and what coder(s) are involved with the job. There is a $600 minimum charge for custom work.

Our custom work services are provided by either our programming director and DBTech Co-Founder Fillip Hannisdal, who has over 8 years experience in coding for vBulletin, or Dylan Wheeler our Development Team Leader who has over 9 years experience in coding for vBulletin and has worked for companies such as Cingular Wireless and Hewlett Packard.

To give an example of price a modification such as vBDownloads would be 8-10 weeks work (400+ hours of coding time). All peripheral benefits being included and DragonByte Technologies retaining resale rights would cost approx $800-1200 per week, for a total of $6,400-$12,000. Should you wish to retain resale rights to distribute and sell the software on your own the cost would be approx $1,500-2,500 per week, for a total of $12,000-$25,000

Our standard practice is to take 50% of the payment up front and the remainder upon delivery and acceptance of the work. We would have a basic order of work contract drawn up specifying the terms of the work and late fee penalties etc.

Some quotes from previous custom job customers:

“DragonByte Technologies exceeded our expectations in all respects. They were able to deliver a quality product and back it up with first-class support. The next time we need custom vBulletin work done, we will definitely be contacting DragonByte!”
Justin Weber, Director, US Site Operations, BestOfMedia LLC

“Dragonbyte Technologies is definitely the best vBulletin plugin developer I have had the pleasure to work with. Look no further if you need custom plugins or more fuel for your forums!”
Roberto Buonanno. Country Manager Italy, Tom's Hardware

Any questions/comments can be posted here. Any requests for quotes etc should use the relevant "contact us" form or be emailed directly to

[Pricing information updated January 2013]
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