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On your list of features for the Lite version it states:

'Configure multiple price points for the same banner space or for keywords to encourage bigger purchases'

As an example I have created 3 different prices for advertising in the Global - Below navbar (1 rotation available)

1 for 1 day @ £12/day
1 for 7 days @ £70
1 for 28 days @ £250

When I go into the purchase banner option the 1 for 1 day has the 'Add to Cart' button and the other 2 are 'Sold Out'

How is sold out possible when nothing has been purchased yet, have I missed something?

However I changed available rotation to 3, and 'Add to Cart' button was available for the 3 different prices, I dont want to sell to 3 different advertisers I only want 1 advertiser to be able to purchase that 1 exclusive space at the discounted prices available.


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The total number of price points you have on sale must add up to the total number of rotations, that's how the system was designed.

I will change this to a Feature Request in order to get it logged in our system that you want it changed :)

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