feature request

  1. daedious

    [Feature Request] Custom Item Purchase Notes

    Hello, I am loving this shop addon it. It is nearly exactly what I was looking for, with one exception. Most of my custom items will be key codes but the only way I have found to add it, is to make a custom field and use the title as the code. Its not as professional and refined as I would...
  2. Alan_SP

    Question How to subscribe to existing hashtags, and is it possible to subscribe from posts?

    Well, this is some sort of my asking how hashtags work. I think I have idea how they should work, but I'm not sure how they work in forum with AUT. So, it's some kind of how to and possibly feature request. For example, I create hashtag in post to describe certain keyword of interest, like...
  3. GoodApples

    Feature Request Relisting - How

    How to re list an item? I received and notification --> clicked on the link which took me to the listing --> I clicked on Edit Listing ...but what is missing is the Listing Type: Start Date Listing Length and perhaps an option to relist with the above two options available? I also...
  4. N

    Feature Request Sitemap Cronjob

    Hello Fillip, is your Sitemap Generator Script compatible to call it from a Linux Cronjob and dont use the vBulletin Cronjob? Kindly regards Stefan
  5. mikez006

    Feature Request Sort/Clickable?

    Is there an option to make the extra fields clickable so they can be sorted? For example this thread title: [vB 4.2.x] [Under Consideration] Sort Questions [vB 4.2.x] is a prefix and I'm able to click and sort by that, however [Under Consideration] is not. Is that turned off here or does this...
  6. Em Kay

    Bug Listing Length

    Can this display as it is typed in the ACP? For instance we have a "1 Day Quickie" But it only shows as 1 I would like to see the titles that they are named in the ACP 1 Day Quickie 3 Days 7 Days Versus: 1 3 7 Thanks :D
  7. M

    Demo of download and thanks/like pro versions?

    Hey there, Is there a live demo of the Advanced Post Thanks / Like and vBDownloads add-ons with all pro features accessible? I would potentially like to purchase these products but would like to see them in action before I make a purchase... unfortunately the screenshots don't provide much...
  8. Z

    Feature Request add next and previous buttons

    Hello I would like to add the following buttons and precedant high dan presentation images. in dbtech_gallery_home <div id="gallery_nav_buttons"> {vb: raw nav_buttons} </ div> just before <div class="tr"> <div class="td blockrow" style="vertical-align: top; width: 100%;"> <div...
  9. dreamchrono

    Bug 2 BUG (or 3) and Custom Work Request

    Dear Sir, I'm using vBulletin 4.2.2 Patch Level 1 I'm using DragonByte SEO v1.0.9 My Forum is still in beta test (401 Authorization Required) .htaccess login: dreamchrono pass: 8FGn56nk And we're using a custom hand made Theme I have 2 BUG Request + 1 Feature Request and probably need...
  10. F

    Feature Request Profile block mentions which show usernames next to hidden mentions is a problem

    The quick version of my question is this: I had some forums enabled for this. They were forums for moderators only. My problem is that even after I disabled those forums in the settings, users still have a list of people who quoted them in those moderators' forums next to the word "Hidden", e.g...
  11. webi

    Feature Request Access rights of the categories

    Hi Fillip H., in my forum a new user group has been created. As you so determined has we have a lot of categories. Is there a way the new user group the same rights to enter as another existing user group? Regards
  12. iraqiboy90

    Feature Request Promotion/Action on certain clicks recevied?

    Hello How do I make a user getting promoted/demoted or have an action done to him when receiving an amount of button clicks of a button of my choice? And to make it even more advanced; The above, but EACH post. regards
  13. greenlinenshirt

    Feature Request Award Points for Review

    I have vBCredits, vBShop, and vBActivity, (Using vBActivity points) is it possible to give out points for a review? Thanks!
  14. N

    Feature Request More 'Official' rewrite rules for non-Apache Web Servers (IIS, nginx etc)

    Just a quick general feature request - It would be nice if DBSEO out of the box provided 'official' and confirmed working / perfect rewrite rules for non-Apache webservers. I know a few members have done their own attempt at converting them to IIS or nginx or other web servers, but to have...
  15. GaWd

    Question "You have been quoted at [forumname]

    My users do not like the notifications sent by Advanced User Tagging. I have disabled the following: Disabled Emails This setting lets you globally disable email alerts for each feature. Mentions Tags Quotes But I am still getting notifications when quoted or mentioned. How do I disable...
  16. B

    Feature Request Importing from DownloadsII

    Ok - Which version exactly of DownloadsII does this work with? I've just installed it - gone to import but it says no version found. Checking through the import code, it's looking for tables with a dl2_ prefix, however mine are all just dl_. Changing that doesn't work either as it gets stuck...
  17. R

    Question Does this mod not allow you to watch the streams within the current site?

    Elders Reach The streams show, but you cant watch them or do anything. Am I missing something here or is this mod just to list out streams?
  18. N

    Feature Request "Regular" Classifieds

    Please.... My users sell used machinery- they do not want "Buy It Now", they need regular classifieds like OzModz Classifieds where they have an ASKING price and people make them OFFERS. Can you PLEASE include that type of classifieds on the mod...... Thanks, Nelson
  19. Em Kay

    Feature Request Photo pop outs in the ads

    The photos here: Is there a way to make the pop out into a larger version?
  20. Nirjonadda

    Feature Request Standard Search Engine Visibility

    I did not Understand its is bug or Feature Request, Standard Search Engine Visibility is not working for SEO, I have a SEO Checklist. Please check the ScreenShot.