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When the marketing text for this mod says that there is CDN integration, what does that mean exactly? Is it just CSS and JS files which can be saved to a CDN?
A really valuable feature for me would be the ability to save all the images my users have attached to posts in Amazon cloud storage and serve them to my users from the Amazon S3 CDN. This would save significant server space, it would allow images to be stored in an always backed-up environment, and it would speed up the forum due to the CDN delivery. Someone wrote a modification to serve attached images from Amazon S3 (it has since been archived but I have the attachment.php file and the Zend Framework files are available on the web): oXoXo's VB Amazon S3 Hack - vBulletin.org Forum what this modification is is basically a modified version of the core VBulletin file attachment.php which checks for the presence of the attached images on the server and on the CDN. (Images can be moved from the host server to Amazon cloud storage via a cron job every night.)
Does this sound like something which could be incorporated into a future VBOptimise release please?

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