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I'm starting new thread, just to confirm what I has found. Maybe you could find solution for this problem.

As I wrote in thread about it, but it is closed, so I'll quote info here again:

My thread is closed, so I use this thread.

I think that I found the reason why sometimes I see double post (for me it is very rare occasion). But, when I say that I see double posts, this doesn't mean that there are actually made double post, they just look so on the screen.

Thing is, as I understand it at this moment, we have two ajax systems at the work when we use quick reply.

First system is original vB, it uses ajax to just append new post when we use quick reply. Post just "appears out of nowhere" in thread.

Second system is from Ajax threads, that works similar to this system, posts appear also "out of nowhere".

And, if by any chance both system work at the almost the same time, there you can see double post, but as I said, it doesn't seem that there's actually double post in DB, only on screen. If thread is reloaded (standard way), there's only one post. So, this is, at least for me, just visual problem and not that big.

As it is connected with "synchronicity" of these two things, having Ajax thread that refreshes very often can cause more double posts. I use 10 seconds on my site. If you want to try test it some more, try with 1 second and write with quick reply, I'm sure you'll be able to catch at least few "double posts".

Of course, I'm not 100% sure, but I just had one and I think that I saw "blink" of Ajax refreshing my screen, that lead to double post.

Hope this will help you to understand what is going on and even maybe correct it, although this is not too big of a problem for me.
Anyway, this is true. Now I have one thread that is very, very live, many users posts in it and many of them reports double posts. Of course, these aren't actual double posts, but they look like it. And, only those who post posts see them, others not. But, as thread is very live, many of them report problems with double posts.

Is there a way that you could check if user has just posted? Or, if the post that should be posted by AJAX threads is by the person who looks at the thread. If you could make this check and not show post by AJAX threads as vBulletin's own AJAX system is dealing with it and showing it, this would prevent this "double" posts and user wouldn't think that there are two of his posts.

Just to stress again, there aren't actual double posts, but users who just have posted see them. For the moment I'm trying with 15 seconds, that would reduce a bit probability that users post at the same time as when AJAX threads are active.
Try to lower refresh to 1 second, and have more than one user writing in that thread as fast as they can. You're sure to get at least some double posts that way, I'm pretty sure it's two AJAX subroutines working together at same time.

These are not actual double posts, but it could confuse users.

Solution would be, if possible, to check activity of other AJAX process and stop yours if other just worked within certain time limits. How to achieve this, I'm not sure.


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It is 100% impossible to check for others' Ajax requests, sorry :(

That's not how the technology works unfortunately :(
It is 100% impossible to check for others' Ajax requests, sorry :(
Could you check if user has just posted?

If user has just posted, you could suspend live thread for this user for some time (probably you could use same option as refresh period). With this, only AJAX process of vB inserting new post would work, AJAX Threads would "sleep" for a while and there probably wouldn't be "double posts".

I really think that you in DBTech should try to replicate these double posts, to see for yourself how often they appear for one thing and for other, to be able to test if you solved problem. To replicate, just have few of you (maybe even two of your team, but if you can, three or four would be better) start writing in one live thread, to see double posts happen.

It's a bit annoying problem. And this is why: Double posts aren't actually double posts, but they look like it to users who write in live threads. And they start commenting that they see double posts in live threads. And this actually disrupts topics, looks bad, needs explanations why this happens and goes into database for posterity.

So, please at least try to solve this problem somehow, maybe suspending live threads for user who has just wrote something will do the trick, as only one AJAX process would be active.

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