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Hi, sorry about my English.

I have a problem with the plugin. I can't find the criteria I'm looking for. I hope you can help me.

I just want this:

1 - 1 credit for each star delivered when voting on a thread. If a thread receives 5 stars, the user receives 5 credits.

2 - Only works in a single subforum ("Pre-approved articles")
3 - Works only on a single user group ("Editors")
4 - Only stars can vote for administrators

That's it, 1 credit for each star. This is my configuration, but I can't achieve my target:

Thanks for the help.
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Yes, I understood that, but you have not explained what it is you want to achieve.
Okay, thank you, I want it:

Condition 1: configure so that each time a theme receives 1 star, the theme creator receives 1 point:
Condition 2 - Only works in a single subforum ("Pre-approved articles")
Condition 3 - Works only on a single user group ("Editors")

1 star = 1 point.

But I can't make it. I have it set up like this:

Thank you


That would award 6 points for 5 star rating (base value of 1, plus 1 per star).
I'm sorry sir, I can't get you to count a single point or a single star (i.e. I give stars but don't add up points).

With your permission, I will copy the fields of the form so that you only have to add the data. I do this to try to help you understand.


Active: Yes
Action: Rated
Currency: Points
Usergroups: Redactors
Forums: Pre-approved articles
Charge for Action: No
Rated Amount: 1
Random Addition: 0
Rated Negation Amount: 1
Star Amount: 0
Star Negation Amount: 0
Minimum Stars:
Maximum Stars:
Below Minimum Handling: Exclude Star amounts
Moderate: No
Delay: 0
Frequency: 1
Maximum Times:
Limit Period:
Alert: Yes


Excuse my english
best regards
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