1. L

    Feature Request Html 5

    Is there any possibility that you will add in support for HTML5 games
  2. Gator

    Add additional Options for Donations

    Would it be possible to add additional functionality to the donations add-on for XenForo. For example, I receive donations for my site, but I also make payments using the money from the donations. I would like to be able to add the payments to the financial record where the module would...
  3. daedious

    [Feature Request] Custom Item Purchase Notes

    Hello, I am loving this shop addon it. It is nearly exactly what I was looking for, with one exception. Most of my custom items will be key codes but the only way I have found to add it, is to make a custom field and use the title as the code. Its not as professional and refined as I would...
  4. V

    Bug Cannot edit admin's credits

    Hello! When I try to add credits to members I am able to, even to other administrators. However, I am unable to add credits to my account (user ID 1, set as special user in vb config file). I mention that I was set as special user before too (I was using an older version of vBcredits back...
  5. K

    Question Automatically Converting Currency (or Allowing Decimal Values)

    Looking at the add-on, I feel like this should be possible, but I haven't figured out how to, yet. A use-case scenario: user posts an article in a designated forum, I want to be able to give currency by the word count. I can do that without issue (this add-on is pretty great). However, I want...
  6. H

    Question SEO Rewrite Syntax

    Hello, i am installing a video gallery. The developer who is working on this wants to add custom rewrite rules. He is having trouble with syntax though. How can he add these to dbseo ? # YTM ReWriteRule ^videos-category/(\d+)/(.*)/(\d+)$ ytm.php?do=cat&cid=$1&t=$2&page=$3 [QSA] ReWriteRule...
  7. R

    I am looking for a product Compulsory presentation

    I am looking for a Compulsory presentation product You can delete that post
  8. M

    Question Asking about Gallery feature

    Hi I want to buy DB Gallery, but want to ask about an issue before. I need to create an album by any team users, but want to give the permissions to other members of our team to add images to it, is it possible? and if some of team members not moderator but member of photograph team? Thanks.
  9. R

    Store/Credits Help

    I am interested in purchasing the credits and store xenforo add ons but I have an important question before purchasing I want to be able to use the add on to allow members to purchase thread styles to enhance the title/look Like glowing titles, bold, etc Will DragonByte help me configure this...
  10. F

    Question Cant Add a new item

    Hy, i cant add new items in the classifieds. I dont now, whtas the error for this. I download the classifieds 1.1.17, then i unpack the folder, i upload the folders to my server an installed the xml file in the acp / product section. Im wounder, the install will run for 3-4 Minutes and adter...
  11. S

    Bug Full Guest Cache Interferes with Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE) Add On (Redis)

    Hello. So i tried to use Redis, and only activates Guest Full Page Caching & Cache Registry. I also use this add on : Browser Detection (Mobile/MSIE) | XenForo Community I use that add on to use if-else in my template, so that desktop users will have different part of the UI than mobile...
  12. S

    Question Does File Cache Follow TTL ?

    Hello. I am curious if i use File Cache, does the add on respect the TTL setting? (for example file content will be updated if file "last modified" file has "expired). I also use PHP opcache with TTL 60. Do you think it will interfere with File Cache by this add on? :) Thank you
  13. V

    Question Quiz widget for CMS

    Hello. How to add a quiz widget for cms?
  14. Nirjonadda

    Add rules in htaccess

    Fillip H., Please Add this rules in your htaccess RewriteEngine On # Force SSL: RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L] # Force www: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC] RewriteCond %{HTTPS}s ^on(s)| RewriteRule ^...
  15. M

    Question Adding New Smilies in vBShout for vB4.2.3

    Hello sir? Could you please help me about how can i add new smilies in vBshout. Example of Site in this site i saw a lot of extra smilies but i did not find any option to add smilies like this Screenshots of smilies Thanks Best Regards Mahi
  16. M

    Google adsense for Vb 5 forum

    Hello i m looking for add ons to add Google adsense in the second page third pages ... etc .. ( repeated ) on all thread pages like VB4 how can i do that ?
  17. A

    Feature Request Customizability

    Hello, A few of us are working on a project, we've added VbActivity on our forums to test it out. We also customized it a bit (onmouseover properties for acheivements). I really love the product and we are looking to update to the pro version once we launch. There is only one little thing...
  18. J

    Question MySQL Failure on Upgrade

    I just tried to update this mod on my VB installation (latest VB) from 3.1.4 to the current release found on I got the following error: This product is not compatible with version 5.0.96-log of MySQL. (Compatible starting with 5.1.0 / Incompatible with 999.0.0 and greater)...
  19. hakkuo23

    XF Shop addon forum?

    I can't find it but here are some bugs/requests I found that I hope can be fixed :) - error when going to the Steal page with no currencies having stealing enabled. - Buyback doesn't seem to work properly, if Item Buyback Price is set to 0, and Buyback time is set to 0, you can still buyback...
  20. K

    Feature Request Different payment options?

    Hello, Was wondering how to add other payment options? We don't use Paypal we would want to use something like bank transfer and/or Bitcoin. Is this going to be an option in the future to add other payment processors? Or are you able to add other processors? Thanks!