1. A

    Feature Request Referrals System with Credits

    Hello, That feature will be awesome. As other users say it´s hard to get new registers so a Referrals System can help to do this or to promote a website... for example: Reward members for new registrations. Reward members for new registrations who buy an user promotions (like a VIP...
  2. A

    Feature Request New Event for Users Promotions

    Hello, I suggest a New Event for Users Promotions.- Reward/Deducted when an user gets a promotion of user groups. For example, it will be great in cases when we sell memberships like VIP, Premium, etc. so with this we can offer an extra credits for people who buy the membership... they could...
  3. A

    Feature Request New Event for Posts Record

    Hi, I suggest New Event to reward an user when he had posted "x" messages (thread + replies), or just one of them thread or replies. Regards,
  4. A

    Feature Request New Event for Threads

    Hi, I suggest a New Event... Reward an user when a thread get "x" number of replies (when a thread get popular for replies). Regards,
  5. A

    Feature Request BBCode for Donations

    Hi, Why not add a new BBCode for donations? I mean, have a Donation BBCode to display the donation form in any part of thread (predefined value or let users set a required/minimum value). I know it has the "charge bbcode" , but these feature could attract users to create great content to...
  6. A

    Feature Request Extra options for pop-up of Credits Menu.

    Hi, Will be great has an option to disable the link in "Credit:0" (which display the pop-up of "Richest Users" and "Donate") on the navbar. Just let it be to show up the credit balance. In the case, admin allow the pop-up of "Richest Users" and "Donate" let admin hide/change the tabs for new...
  7. A

    Feature Request Donation Form on Transaction Page

    Hi, if Donations are available would be great have a "Donation Form" on the Transaction Page. I suggest placed it after log list or in a new tab. Donation Form in "Transaction Page". Regards,
  8. A

    Feature Request Widget for the Donate Form

    Hi, would be great have a widget for "Donate Form" available in section Widgets on the admin area. Widget for "Donations" Regards
  9. A

    Feature Request Singular and Plural credit name.

    Hi, for case when it needs to have a singular and plural word for credits name I would like to suggest: Singular and plural word option for the credit name. Regards,
  10. C

    Question Potential bug: Charge icon missing in thread create/post

    I noticed this today when making a thread. There area that I circle when hovered over says "charge" but there is no currency icon or anything to designate the 'box.' Wasn't sure if this was something to be fixed or just an error in my template/config. Wanted to pass it along. Thanks!
  11. S

    Question I need help changing a title

    Hello, I'm contacting you about a plugin I bought from here , namely DragonByte Credits. I installed this addon and made it appear in the forum menu I own and I would like to change the title, but I cannot do anything from the Xenforo settings so all is from the source code of the plugin. As you...
  12. S

    DragonByte Credits for some reasons is not allowing users to buy credits

    have tried and tried again but its not working please any other means
  13. EasyEasy

    Question Sportsbook & Credits table in sidebar

    Few questions here guys and if you could take time to answer them it would be much appreciated. I am moving over the Xenforo. I have had vBCredits pro installed on my site although my license for crdits has expired Do I get the discounted price even though im switching to another forum...
  14. B

    Please support

    My intention is to sell game keys on my page... with dragonbyte shop can I do that and if yes... will someone can help me to set the shop on please? I will get dragonbyte shop and dragonbyte credits. In dragonbyte credits if I run my own currency will be ok to do it so?
  15. J

    DragonBytes Credits and Crediing

    On SWC Network it all looks good - except the credits won't' credit. How to fix?
  16. J

    Need Help with DragonBytes Credits is the site. The credit system installed will count credits but you cannot transfer them. Obviously, something went wrong with the installation or there is something we are not pushing in the admin area. Note, this is the latest edition of DragonBytes Credits for XF 2.0
  17. V

    Bug Cannot edit admin's credits

    Hello! When I try to add credits to members I am able to, even to other administrators. However, I am unable to add credits to my account (user ID 1, set as special user in vb config file). I mention that I was set as special user before too (I was using an older version of vBcredits back...
  18. M

    Question Can it be used to access hidden parts of forum

    Is it possible for this to be used for members to earn so many credits before seeing parts of my forum
  19. smurfs

    Question All credits are disappearing

    All registered members have negative balance How can I arrange this? As it leaves the default configuration?
  20. hakkuo23

    Feature Request Stealing Exploit

    So some users were going on a stealing rampage and stealing from everyone. However once their total credits reached zero they were still able to steal. So they triggered it thousands of times and were able to get huge amounts from people without any consequences to themselves as they had zero...