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Are you sure it's not just cached? Try going into the AdminCP and hitting the Clear System Cache under the Maintenance option group, and let me know if that solves it.
Yeah, but I did it again just to check but it did not stamp it.
Activity Stream = activity.php

I also noticed it did not change in the UserCp = member.php
In that case those areas may use a different method of determining a post's date. The feature of the mod is to re-order threads anywho, and that works :)
Okay, in that case can we change this How do I?
This Bug :p Into a feature Request...
because there is no point changing the post if the time stamps
are not going to change in the other visible areas. ;)

Activity Stream = activity.php

UserCp = member.php
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The timestamps only change because that was the best way to move the posts to be honest - the purpose of the mod isn't to change timestamps everywhere, it's just to let you re-order posts :P

Changed to a feature request though :)
I understand the re-order posts purpose and we know vB and the mod is is working with timestamps and if I didn't bring this up someone else would...better me than someone else. Working to keep dbtech customers happy.
I'm Testing the mods. :) Thanks for changing to a feature request.
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