Feature Request Ability to create hidden threads and make them sticky


I don't know if this is possible, but I think this would be very useful if it could be done.

If moderators could make hidden threads, not only hidden posts in normal visible threads that would enable them to discus about forums they moderate (if there are more than one moderator in forum, but usually there are) outside special forum for moderators only. In some way, that could speed things up, enabling forum specific discussions to be kept in respective forums.

All posts in this thread would be invisible to other users (now replying to hidden posts automatically creates hidden posts) and this provides privacy for moderators.

Don't know if it is possible, but it would be excellent if this threads could become sticky, for moderators to find them easily.

Hope you could make it.
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I will look into it for a future version, not sure how hard it will be to implement though.


I found a way to create moderated threads and make them sticky:

1) Create thread (a bit obvious).
2) Make it sticky.
3) Make it moderated (unapprove first post).

After that thread is sticky and posts in it are hidden. But your mod does also something to moderated posts, so new posts in this thread aren't automatically used with your mod. Each post has to be selected as stuff only hidden post, otherwise it's hidden, but there's no notification. Posts created in normal threads (not moderated ones) and hidden with your mod makes other posts hidden, i.e. posts that are made as a reply to hidden posts are hidden also. But with this workaround it isn't so. :(


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I would assume their is no notification to subsequent post made in that type of thread do to the fact that is is a moderated thread, Once I revisit this mod I will look into it.


Yes, posts in moderated thread are moderated, which is a bit different from posts made with your mod.

In normal thread, replies to hidden posts stays hidden, but in moderated thread, even when replying to hidden posts (by selecting post to be hidden) doesn't make them hidden. So, if I make some thread moderated, moderators should always select that posts be hidden.

You can see this when writing posts, in normal threads replies to hidden posts have checkbox for hiding selected, but in moderated threads they don't.

Of course, when you'll have time, please check if you can manage something.

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