Bug Unable to get any of the VB5.x beta items to work

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vBulletin 5.2.x
I do not seem to be able to get any of the lite products to install and work properly.

I am willing to be a bit of a tester in this as I an an early adopter of vb5 (or so it appears).

Any guidance in this would be great.

Any of my issues appear as what appears to be a 401 error with a default page showing up.

Thanksi in advance


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Hi there,

As I said in my previous reply, a 401 Unauthorized error is not a result of any of our products. Please check your file & directory permissions and include any stack traces that may appear on the page.

Failing that, you will need to contact your server administrator unfortunately, as we cannot diagnose server errors, only PHP errors.

Sorry :(

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Hello MMSupport,

This ticket has now been closed with the status Not A Bug.

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Thank you!
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