Feature Request Moderators get notification aboud hidden posts only if they actually can see them


I thought that I made this feature request, but looking now, I see that I didn't made it yet. So, here it is:

Now when there's hidden post, all moderators see notification about it. Even if it is made in forum they don't moderate. If you could add additional check to see if moderators actually could see hidden message and only then show them notification that there is hidden post(s).

Also, just noticed that with new version of Mokonzi mod (Threadmins and Group Moderators) I see that there's hidden post at the moment, but when I try to see it, I receive message that I can't. Just to let you know about this. This proposed check maybe would solve this problem also?


Former Developer
You did make the request on vb.org, but I have not had time to look into it yet, I will look into it during the next release though.


Sorry, I forgot that, but I'm glad that you remember. :)

Of course, when you'll have time take a look at this...


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Thanks for making the request here on DBTech as well by the way, we appreciate it, it makes things much easier for us to keep track of :)

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