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I have purchased a bunch of add-ons from you guys but they are for VbulletiV5 and out copy is Vbulletin V4. Can you please fix this so I can download and install them on our forums. Thank you.


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Hi there,

Due to the fact that the products were downloaded, I'll need to confer with our Managing Director before I can complete the switch for you. This will cause a delay and I don't have an exact time frame for when I have more information for you, but I'll let you know as soon as I do :)


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Update: Hey, sorry for the delay. Upon closer examination, the products you've purchased appear to have been purchased back in 2015. I missed that in the original examination of your situation.

We will not be able to change the vB5 licences to vB4 free of charge as a result of this, unfortunately. The pricing for converting these licences are as follows:
Advanced Post Thanks / Like (Lifetime): $22.50
Advanced User Tagging (Lifetime): $19.50
AJAX Threads (Lifetime): $14.95

Total: $56.95

Those prices assume you do not have another instance of vB5 running that you are using these products on. The products are valid for one forum only, so if you have an existing vB5 forum that you are running these products on, and want to run them on another vB4 forum, the price will be $15 higher ($5 per licence).

The Branding Free licences can be converted free of charge :)

If you wish to proceed, please feel free to send me a Private Message with your choice of licence terms (whether you wish to retain the vB5 licences or not) and your email address, so I can setup a PayPal invoice.


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Hello traz,

This ticket has now been closed with the status Answered.

We hope your issue or question has been addressed to your satisfaction. If not, please feel free to re-open it by clicking this link.

If you have any further issues or questions, please feel free to start a new support ticket via the button at the top of every page.

Thank you!
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