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I've had a couple of complaints like this one from 3 forums, two running the Pro version and one running the Lite version - a Pro version running on a 4th forum has not yet been implemented but that will be an issue there once we start sending out newsletters in the new year:

Every time i hit unsubscribe it takes me to your home page. How do I unsubscribe?
1. There needs to be a confirmation page or popup vBulletin message box saying "You have been unsubscribed" or something similar.

2. I am getting the impression that the Unsubscribe feature does not work unless the member is logged into the forum at the time he clicks the link in the Newsletter. If this is correct, a popup message saying "Please log in to the forum before unsubscribing" or something similar.

This has occurred with all versions up to and including 1.1.0 PL3.

I see this as a bug. If you view it differently, please consider this an urgent feature request.

As it is now, we risk running afoul of anti-spam laws since from the members' standpoint the Unsubscribe link isn't working.


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Hi there,

Neither of these issues are bugs. The Unsubscribe link works entirely as intended, even when the user is not logged in. The redirect currently does not have a forced redirect.

You are under absolutely no risk of running afoul anti-spam laws, as you have an unsubscribe link which is honoured by your site :)

We'll look into adding this for a future version.
The latest email I received, quoted above, was from a valid member. He reported clicking the Unsubscribe link more than once and each time the link just opened the forum main page.

When I checked his profile settings, he was still showing as subscribed and I had to change that manually for him.


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Currently, if they click the unsubscribe link multiple times, it will act as "toggle", e.g. re-subscribe them.

I can understand how this would be confusing, and I'll change it for the next version.
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