suggestion: let us cancell order


would be great if we could cancel our order,

when i first joined this website, i wanted to see how your website works, i wast sure how much for add-on, or if i wanted branding,
i wasn't sure if your add-on company was going to be here a long time or leave after a year, as some other add-on companies do
but i like this add-on company, it is great,
so i just press purchase to see how it works

but now i can't cancel the order i first made when i signed up to this website, so its there forever

would be great if we could remove them from "my account" area, since it always says awaiting payment
also, i dont want to buy branding because i like people from my forum see your add-on website, so they can buy some add-ons from here also




Fillip H.

Staff member
This has now been implemented. You can click the "Manage" link and choose "Cancel order" from the drop-down, then confirm it in the pop-up :)