suggestion: buying add-ons from your store is a little confusing


its confusing to purchase add-ons from your store, for example:

i want to purchase DragonByte Easy Registration

so i click on DragonByte Easy Registration

which takes me to here:

then i click on purchase add-ons

which is fine so far,

then it take me to the same page, i was expecting it to take me to the checkout page

i thought it it didn't work because it took me to the same page , so i tried to buy again 2 times
then i finally saw the "cart" icon so i click on the cart icon -> checkout

then check out
oops there is 3 add-ons because of mistake

then this part is the most confusing because i don't know how to download add-ons,
there is no link to download add-ons

if i click on order it takes me order information but no link to download add-on
if i click on manage it takes me to some address information which in dont understand address for where? but still no link to download add-on which i just purchase

i was confused, i had to click many areas but no download link, then eventually i realized you have to click on "Your licenses"
to download the add-on which i just purchase


so when i click on "Your licenses", i still can't download my add-ons, there is no link
when i click on download it says "Required license information is missing. Please edit the license and fill out the required information before downloading."
buy it doesn't give me a link to put my license information


if i click on license , there is still no where to enter licence

after searching forum and looking for 20 minutes, i finally found how to enter license

then i can finally download my add-ons,

very confusing

i have 2 suggestions:

1. after i add to cart the add-on, i should get a pop-up that says:
go to checkout or continue shopping

2. after completed checkout, add link for enter license where visible to customers,
customers like to buy add-on and download fast because they are excited,
but i cannot find the link so i was very sad and cried

same in this area, needs to be improved

even here would be good area

some ideas!!

because it took me 30 minutes to find how to download add-ons after purchasing, this is second time it happen, i always forget how to enter license

also there is no way to remove free add-on i purchase by mistake

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Seems the page to add the required license information is not loading correctly.

I can't find it anywhere.. :unsure:


i think it's broken,

it's not working for me either, website have bug

oh no!! please fix sir!!