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hello team -

I am trying to get the redemption codes and links working for my site. I would like to use this to trigger some rewards for projects that I am working with on my site at this point.

When I try to use the code that is generated, which is - it does go to the link that set for the redirect; however the credit is not being pushed out. I have it set to set 1 credit (called Reward Points on

I have it listed as a question to make sure that I'm not doing something wrong on the setup. If you need something, please advise


Fillip H.

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Does it work if you go through the normal currency menu and enter the code manually?


forgive my ignorance on the answer - are you referring to this screen? If so, all I see if Transfer and Adjust



Ok - I have the redemption option available and I can put in the code with optional comment

When I use the same code in the URL, that did not work, but another code did.

Today, 09:14 AM
Earned 1.0 SCF Rewards
scottkoz20 used D0CWHF36

Today, 09:13 AM
Earned 1.0 SCF Rewards
scottkoz20 used 2RMSO2X5: testing

Thus the reason I put it in as a question and not a bug is I was positive the problem was between the chair and the keyboard ;)

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Hello @scottkoz20,

We hope your ticket regarding vBCredits II Deluxe has been addressed to your satisfaction. This ticket has now been scheduled to be closed.

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Thank you.

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