1. P

    Shop/points shop

    Hey, I am looking for something similar to the steam store/points system. I want users to receive points everytime they purchase something in dragonbyte ecommerce. After they should be able to use these points to buy forum perks like username display effects or avatar frames etc. Also there...
  2. CrazyHackGUT

    Pending Translatable product filters

    When we setup category for products, we can add custom filters: Unfortunately, they cannot be translated to another language (like we can did with possible choices in Custom fields).
  3. P

    Pending Loyalty points

    Hi, I hope this is the right forum for this type of thread :) Im not sure if a feature like this already exists in the ecommerce addon. But a lot of big retailers such as amazon for instance use a system like "loyalty points". Means f.e. everytime you pruchase something on amazon, you will...
  4. Serpius

    Not planned eCommerce For Media Section?

    DragonByte, My website is a Media based not Forum based. I noticed when I was checking out the settings in eCommerce and the setting you see in the screenshot below does NOT show any categories from the Media section even though I have a lot of categories already inputted. For the record, I...
  5. Serpius

    Question DragonByte eCommerce 2.0.0b1 Question

    I am going to be purchasing the DragonByte eCommerce add-on for at least one year duration. However, I noticed on the website that the latest version is in BETA. If I purchase this add-on now as 2.0.0b1, will I have to purchase any additional upgrades when the official full release...
  6. Bastty

    Question My shop

    Using DragonByte eCommerce need to add 2 more additional user group (Well-know-seller and Well-know-buyer), you guys can help me with the settings of the permission on those 2 group?
  7. DragonByte Technologies

    DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets 2.4.0

    DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets is the perfect companion to DragonByte eCommerce, allowing you to easily deal with any support query your users might have. Fully integrated with XenForo 2.1 and DragonByte eCommerce, Tickets uses forums to house your support tickets, giving you the stability of...
  8. U

    Oops! We ran into some problems.

    Hello, I have XF2.1.1 When trying to add tags in DragonByte eCommerce, I get this: Also when I write something in "Description", it is not saved. It is Admin account, all permissions are allowed. Can someone help me with this please?
  9. C

    ECommerce: Increased customer lifecycle management

    This is by far the best, if not only, truly eCommerce solution for XF and I am curious if there are any plans or thoughts to continue development to add additional functionality such as shipment processing, tracking, automated emails to customer and the like - even if sold as extra add-on...
  10. Assadi

    Lack of interest Add Yandex.Metrica support

    Hey, I saw a few people suggesting Google Analytics. And, I think it'd be great to see Yandex Metrica's e-commerce functionality get added as an option; it's the largest analytics tool in the former Soviet Union and would be super useful.
  11. Assadi

    Pending Regional Pricing Discounts

    Hey, Currently, we're using Magento for our eCommerce. However, I'd be super interested in switching to DragonByte's platform. But, one thing that would be nice to see is the ability to add pricing discounts based on the user's region. In our case, as we sell exclusively digital products, it...
  12. DragonByte Technologies

    DragonByte eCommerce 3.4.0

    DragonByte eCommerce is a highly advanced digital retailer for XenForo, containing advanced features such as multiple pricing tiers, coupons and automatic sales. Fully integrated with XenForo 2, DragonByte eCommerce takes advantage of all built-in XenForo 2 functionality like the new Payment...
  13. Bastty

    eCommerce addon

    In future you guys will think to make an eCommerce addon for xF2?
  14. S

    Question vbshop and dragonbyte tech store This is made by vbshop? Or by which other plugin?
  15. Steris56

    What Mod Is This

    When we go to our customer area here and download our files is this what vb downloads will or can look like with dropdowns ect or is this something else
  16. OlijO

    VAT for society

    Hi, i'm the owner of I'm a little society with VAT number in EU I see you charge the VAT, but you don't give to the customer to specify our VAT number and not pay it. It's a real problem, because in regard of the law, you need to give me the possibility to specify my VAT and be...
  17. Valcav

    few things about your eCommerce

    Fillip H., I didn't know where to post this, and Cosmic suggested this area... 1) bug: having 2 sites, can't apply license update to multiple prods when trying the non-default one... => it's like I'm running illegal prods on one of my site... 2) feature request: to have tabs in the "user...
  18. S

    different payment method

    hello i am interested eseguenti products, but to pay 50 euros more I discovered the vat. I can pay with another way to save the 50 euros? I have a moneybookers account, can be a solution? This vat is a real problem for me is an obstacle in buying your product thanks
  19. ClutchThese


    Is the eCommerce mod you have here available for sale?
  20. Ferdia O'Brien

    Payment Types supported

    Hi there, I am very interested in your vbShop and vbCredits systems? A few questions though. What payment types does vbShop support? Moneybookers is the one we are most interested in, but a complete list would be useful. I notice that vbShop appears to have some form of credits system built in...