ECommerce: Increased customer lifecycle management


This is by far the best, if not only, truly eCommerce solution for XF and I am curious if there are any plans or thoughts to continue development to add additional functionality such as shipment processing, tracking, automated emails to customer and the like - even if sold as extra add-on modules - to bring an eCommerce solution to XF that is on par with or gives a good run to those available for say Wordpress?

It's an excellent product and could really assist in being a turning point for XF when it comes to people that need a site that can handle detailed eCommerce solutions without being forced into a WP type CMS.

Just a thought :p

Fillip H.

Staff member
Given that this site is mostly dealing with digital downloads, it's fair to say the physical product aspect of it will always require more input from others than the digital download aspect.

That being said, integration with shipping sites and such is a very large can of worms. Every country in the world has 4-5 different shipping sites, so that could quickly get out of hand :p

In short, there's no immediate plans, but if someone decides to pay us to integrate with a particular site's API, that's another matter.