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I was wondering if redemption code links are an implemented feature? I can't find the link format anywhere but there isn't a full manual, so I might just be missing where it is or it's just not documented. On vB with vBCredits which is what we're moving from, you can post or send a link like this and when someone clicks it, the redemption code event is applied automatically to their account:

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You'd replace credits.1 with the SEO'd name & currency ID with what you actually see when you click on the currency anywhere in DB Credits.

That will attempt to redeem the code towards that particular currency, and check for the existence of a Redeem event, then a Redeem event with that particular code.
Both Jeremy and I have tried testing out the code links using your suggested format without any luck :( Could you please take a look on the test site?

The first one is a new event made for testing as my account already used the second code previously, but I've tested the second code on another account that hasn't used it already just in case I messed up the first code's event somehow.
Bingo! Thank you!

By the way, I don't know if this matters enough or not to care, but I noticed that only the friendly URL version seems to work despite non-friendly URLs being set on our site. works while does not work, even though is the actual credits URL on our site. I'm sure we will enable them on our real site eventually, but could be confusing for boards with friendly URLs disabled.
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