Improve BB Codes/Share this Album - Media Gallery


i think the BB Code/Share Album is lacking function ability, its very basic right now.

would be great if someone added more flexibility with ad add-on

for example right now, my random album has 25 pictures, 2 pages


there is only 2 boxes for share album



my suggestion need more options, more boxes

box 3

box 4

box 1 only show maximum 10 photos

but i want to show all photos in thread!

so maybe box 3 - grab all photos bb code


or maybe , each photo has box and i can choose which photos for BB code

also, when i upload new photos to an album,

for example, if i add 20 new photos to my album, i cannot choose the bb code for the new 20 photos
after uploading new photos would be great if i bb code box showed me bb code for new photos uploaded

xenfor says lack of interest, so i come here instead

share album need more features! it's too simple right now