Feature Request Any thoughts of adding support for multi-tiered drop down menus to original vb Menu?


Was wondering if you had put any thought to adding support for multi-tiered drop down menus (menu within a menu).

I've seen people searching for such an option over at vb.org but as far as I know there aren't any mods out there that offer that option at this time. I haven't really looked at the code but it seems that it should be doable without too much work and might get some quick sales as the price point of this mod is already very reasonable to begin with.

I would be interested too in having the option if it was integrated with the current vb navigation manager. I definitely don't want to recreate everything that exists already in another place to add support for this.


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If I remember correctly the tiered dropdown is something we looked into but turned out to be very, very difficult to implement in an efficient and user-friendly way. Fillip H. will look into it and let you know, though.


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