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Hi, I wonder if someone can help. I have had an email from a user who who says they have unsubscribed 3 times but are still getting emails. I can only assume it is the Newsletter subscription, as not sent any emails from VBMail for some time.

How can I verify that a user has successfully unsubscribed from the newsletter? in the AdminCP? When I look in the user's profile there is no tick box to do with newsletters. When I check the config options of the Newsletters there is no list of users. Just wonder where is best to check for this so I can make sure they get no further emails?

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If you check the user table, the dbtech_newsletter_receive column will be 1 if they are receiving the newsletter.

The following query can be ran to check the current value:
SELECT dbtech_newsletter_receive FROM user WHERE userid = X
Replace X with their User ID, and make sure to add your table prefix to the query if you use it.

To update their subscription flag, the following query can be ran:
UPDATE user SET dbtech_newsletter_receive = 0 WHERE userid = X
As with above; replace X with their User ID, and make sure to add your table prefix to the query if you use it.

Both of these queries can be ran from the Execute SQL Queries maintenance area in vBulletin. You may need to add your user ID to the "canrunqueries" config.php flag if you've never ran queries via the AdminCP before. For security reasons, I recommend removing yourself from this flag after the fact, unless of course you need to run queries often.

Once you've confirmed whether that fixes it for you, I can change this to a Feature Request so that we can add the ability to edit this flag without needing to delve into the database :)
Thanks for the info. I ran the SQL query I can confirm they are set to '0' where others are '1' this is correct.

Thank you, this would be a handy feature in the Newsletter plugin. :)
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