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One of my users had the idea of an item type that would increase the penalty for failing to steal currency.

IE: If I have the default global steal penalty set at 5%, users could purchase an item that adds X% to that. So, if a user has an item that increases that by 20%, the penalty for failing to steal from that particular user is 25% of the thief's currency.

I would think this wouldn't be too hard to implement, since it's the same concept as the items for increasing steal chance success and stolen amount items, which already exist.


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Hello @Lightning Lord Rule,

Thank you for your suggestion for DragonByte Shop. Your request will be reviewed by a member of our team shortly.

Unless there are any problems preventing these features from being added to the product, this thread will not receive another reply until it is time to review logged feature requests for implementation.

We appreciate you taking the time to help us improve our products!

- DragonByte Tech Staff

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Good idea, and you're absolutely right that it's not that complex to implement since it is largely copy/paste from the stealchance / stealamount items.

It'll be implemented in RC4.
I also just realized, if you do this you need to put in an option for maximum % lost in unsuccessful steal attempt, just like the other option settings for chance and amount.
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