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If I purchase Dragonbyte SEO and the "installation" option, what does this include? For example, all I really am interested in is the SEO's thread titles and sitemap. Possibly Canonical URLs.

Is the installation service simply uploading the files and importing the plugin (which at the price I assume it is), or does it include .htaccess rules and such?

In short - What is included in your installation service?

I have a very old forum with a number of old plugins and some custom headincludes FWIW.


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The Pro Install service normally only covers actually importing the product, but since DBSEO is a bit special in this regard (a set-it-and-forget-it setup), we do also do basic configuration of .htaccess and checking to make sure Forum Home, Forum Display and Show Thread pages work before calling it done :)
I would like to buy this with an install. I have a non-standard adminCP directory name. I do not see a lace to communicate it to you in the "additional information" page that comes up. How do I communicate the path/directory name to you?
OK - I also had a "double email" aspect (I have a few) so I did get the confirmation link in my Paypal "primary" email address and clicked it there.

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